Welcome to My Special Kind of Crazy.  I started this blog to remember life with young kids, as my mommy memory doesn’t remember where she left her sunglasses (on my head).

Let me introduce you to my cast of characters:

family standing


Sweets (AKA Mahlie): My almost 6 year old is lovely and sassy, too big for her britches, and has an independent streak a mile long. She is obsessed with My Little Pony and her favorite color is the rainbow. She just started pronouncing “mosquito” correctly, and I really miss hearing her say a “skameeto” bit her. Her name is pronounced “Molly”. It’s quite a story, how we came up with the spelling of her name.

SJ (AKA Sarah, middle name Jane): Sj doesn’t give a goddamn. She’s like honey badger. She has no fear, unless it’s the lawnmower, blender, vaccum or mixer. Then she displays her “drop and give up” reflex and hit the ground until they are “all done”. Otherwise she brazenly follows her sister through the neighborhood, or she’ll just escape out the doggie door and go it alone. She doesn’t care. She runs around with wild abandon. Oh, and clothes? In her world they are optional.

SJ standing

The Shmoople: Mira is our 8 year old, incontinent, 100lb Swiss Mountain Dog. She likes barking at leaves, squirrels, thunderstorms and nothing. But if someone she doesn’t know approaches the house, she will jump into action, run (or in her old age, hobble) up to them and…..wait for scratches. Guard dog, she is not. She has taken over the pleather armchair as her bed. This is why we can’t have nice things.

The Shmoople

Pi: Husband and fixer of broken things extraordinaire. His biggest challenge in life is keeping our floor clean. Just the floor. The rest of the house could be a disaster, covered in poo even,  but if the floor is clean, he is a happy man. He has never read a single word I’ve written on this blog. Suck it Pi.  He’ll never even know I said that.


And then there is me.

I’m Christie, keeper of the crazy. Here’s me, in a nutshell.

1. I started this blog to keep track of all the great experiences with my kid, then kid(s), which was a good idea. The other day I was talking on the phone with my mom and I was muttering something when she asked what was wrong. I told her I was looking for my cell phone. Which I was currently on, talking to her.

2. I am, right at this very moment, wearing my shirt backwards. Not on purpose. I just noticed when I was annoyed with my shirt being so tight on my neck. Unfortunately, this is not the first time. I can’t imagine why I forget things like this.
3. I hate the word “moist”.

4. I drove cross country, and back, with my mom and we are still speaking to each other.

5. I didn’t get boobs until I was in my 30’s. I didn’t “buy” them. Just woke up and realized I was no longer flat as a board.

6. I am very active in advocating for pediatric brain cancer research, in particular DIPG. My nephew died of this terminal upon diagnosis disease at the young age of 11, one year to the day of his diagnosis. His family works tirelessly to raise money for the foundation they created, the Evan T. Mandeville DIPG Research Foundation, at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Read all about him here and about what Evan’s Crew is doing to raise money here, and the Pan Mass Challenge here. Visit www.evanscrew.org to find out more on how to donate to help cure DIPG. Visit their Facebook Page here.

7. I’ve not been great with keeping up the baby book for SJ. The second born, y’know. That doesn’t mean I don’t take tons of pictures and post them over on Instagram and Facebook.

8. I love birthday’s. I will celebrate my birthday’s for a month. I will wake my kids up with ice cream for breakfast, make their favorite dinner, and make sure they feel like the special person they are. But going crazy on a birthday party? Not if I had a million dollars.

9. I am good with my 2 girls. Lots of people ask me, “are you going to try for the boy?” I point to SJ and say, “she was the try for a boy.” I’m good, y’all.  At one point we thought 3 was our number, but turns out it wasn’t. And that’s okay. I’m good with it, and the “baby bump” they left behind.

10. My family may be crazy, my house is always a mess, and I’m always trying to figure out what’s for dinner. But that’s okay. I like it that way.

Thanks for coming to see what my crazy is all about! I hope you stick around!


Special Crazy Mom




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