Adventures with Mom and the Harley Riders

My mom and I are close. We are go out to lunch and gossip close, call each other 5 times a day close, finish each others sentences close. We are take-vacations-together close.

We are drive-cross-country-and-back-yes-that-is-7,800 miles- close.

I kid you not. One of my favorite vacations EV.AH was when I drove cross-country with my mom. I had just bought a new car- like BRAND SPANKING new, not already has 45,000 miles on it new. And one evening, late, after Christmas Eve dinner and possibly a couple bottles glasses of wine, I told mom we should TOTALLY drive cross-country together.

She was totally on board.

We spent the next several months planning our Northern-route there and Southern-route back. We would be stopping in Manhattan Beach, CA visiting my brother and his wife. My dad would fly out and meet us there. This was like a family bonanza vacation.

Doing a little bit of research, all the road trip travel books said to STAY AWAY from the Northern Route in early August because that is when the Harley Davidson riders have their annual Sturgis Rally and come from all over to attend.

That is EXACTLY when we had planned our trip.

And let me tell you, you should ABSOLUTELY play your trip during the Sturgis Rally!

It was fantastic. Everywhere we went from Idaho on there were Harley Riders every leg of our trip. When we stopped at Mount Rushmore we got the full effect. Harley’s lined the streets and you’d hear revving of engines constantly. Some of these bikes were absolutely incredible, and the riders? They were the nicest, most fun persons I’ve met on a road trip.

One of the most fun things on road trips is meeting new people and let me tell you, we were getting our fill of characters on this trip. One memorable moment came when we were at a “saloon” in Cody, WY. My mom and I were surrounded by big, leather clad Harley Riders at the bar. I was talking to one on my left and my mom was deep in conversation with another on my right. I wasn’t paying much attention until I turned to ask her a question and this comment I happened upon in their conversation:

Harley Rider: “You know, getting naked and being nekkid are very different. Getting naked is taking your clothes off. Being nekkid is taking your clothes off and being up to something.”

My drink about came out my nose. My mom was in hysterics and her and the Harley Rider “cheersed” each other.

That is one of the most awesome road trip memories of anyone ever. Nothing like being out with your mom talking about the difference between “getting naked” and “being nekkid!” Good times.


With our Harley Riders

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12 thoughts on “Adventures with Mom and the Harley Riders

  1. Ha! I ran into that 2 weeks ago. We live in Massachusetts, and we took a day trip to New Hampshire for Fathers’ Day. What town? Laconia. Derp. Laconia is the same thing as Sturgis. Maybe even more so, because New Hampshire has no sales tax, and fireworks are legal there… I don’t know; I’m not a biker. But it happens on Fathers’ Day weekend every year, and we completely forgot. My husband was not happy.

  2. I just love that you and your mom are so close. That’s just the best and most wonderful thing! It sounds like you and your mom had exactly the right outlook so you make your road trip an event to remember! 🙂

  3. Hahahha! Oh I used to live in Missoula, MT and we saw a ton of riders going to Sturgis. What a fun adventure to have with your mom. Me, on the other hand- would rather pluck out my eyeballs and fry them in a skillet rather than go anywhere in a car with my mother. LOL! Thanks for stopping by me (TheThreeUnder) too 🙂

  4. Wow. The only “road trips” my mom and I take together are when I drive her to/from her colonoscopy procedures. I think it’s equally unpleasant for both of us. But that’s awesome that you did that–and that you had such a wonderful and memorable experience. I’m totally going to remember the difference between getting naked and being naked. I think my husband will appreciate that too. 😉

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