My Kids Never Knew The Difference

Rainbow Dash


The historic SCOTUS decision on Friday ensuring all individuals have the equal right to marriage under the law is the kind of event that you remember the exact place you were when you heard the news.

Which is funny now that I write that, because I actually have no idea where I was. That occurred more than 3 days ago, which is apparently beyond the length of time my mom brain is able to remember things these days.

BUT, if this monumental decision had taken place at a time before I had kids, (which is probably closer to the time it SHOULD have been decided, though in my head it was just sort of not ever an issue that should even be argued. but let’s keep what goes on in my head out of things), I would have remembered exactly where I was.

One thing I do know is that my kids won’t. They won’t remember where they were. Because they are really young. And how wonderful is that?

My kids will never have known the difference.

I debated on if, and how, I should talk to my 5 year old about it. An opportunity came up when she was sneaking on my phone and ended up on my Facebook page and saw all the rainbow colored profile pictures.

She asked me why everyone was rainbow?

“Is it because they like My Little Pony?”

Because  My Little Pony has a character, Rainbow Dash, and My LIttle Pony is all she is concerned about and thus it should be all anyone else is ever concerned about.

So I took my chance.

“Well, today a very important decision was made that says everyone is allowed to get married.”

“You and daddy couldn’t get married? But you are married.”

Yeah, here is where I ran into the 5 year old brain.

“Yes, we are married. And who else do we know that are married on our street?”

There was a point to this.

“Bob and Phyllis” (not their real names).

“That’s right- and Sally and Carl across the street. You know who else is married on our street?”


“Teresa and Alison.”

BIG look of surprise on her face.

“But they are both girls!”

“I know. But they love each other so they wanted to get married. But they had to wait a long time because they weren’t allowed before.”

“WHAT!?!?!? Why not?!?! THAT’S CRAZY!!!”

You’ll notice she didn’t think it was crazy that Teresa and Alison loved each other and wanted to get married. She thought it was crazy they weren’t allowed to get married.

So that is how I talked to my kid about how everyone that loves someone is able to get married. I asked her if she had any other questions. She had just one. Said it was really important.

“Sooooo, can I watch My Little Pony now?”

Have a great crazy day!

If I Had a Million Dollars….I Wouldn’t Spend it on a Birthday Party


This is my most viewed and popular post since I’ve started my blog. I guess it resonated with moms and dads everywhere when planning bday parties! My sis-in-law planned a great petting zoo party this weekend and she dreaded it but it was great. And now it is that time of year when I plan Mahlie’s bday. This year it is a 6 guest limit (her age) My Little Pony piñata party at home. We may throw in a sprinkler on the front lawn. There will be beer butt chicken (her request) and baked mac n cheese (my thought that not all kids will take to the chicken). But what won’t I do? Any of the below…

Originally posted on My Special Kind of Crazy:

You know the Barenaked Ladies song “If I Had A Million Dollars”? If not, for shame. If so, it lists a bunch of ridiculous things one would buy if they had a million dollars including, and my fav, a monkey (I always wanted a monkey).

One thing I would NOT do is spend it on a birthday party for my kids. Not even a little bit of it.

One, I am only organized enough to begin planning and preparing a themed Birthday Party in my head. When it comes to carrying out said plans, it’s like 2 days before Sweets’ birthday and by then I am all “let’s get pizza and cupcakes and be done with it”.

And you know what? Sweets loves it. Has a great time! No complaints! Imagine that! Kids just want to hang out with their friends, family and eat a little cake. Okay, a LOT of cake.

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Last Day of Kindergarten

Today is Sweets’ last day as a Kindergartener. It’s not the last time I will celebrate this milestone, or mourn the loss of my sweet, sweet baby as she turns more and more into a lovely girl. But each milestone is still a reminder that they are growing up.

Which is wonderful. But gone are the pudgy legs and misprounounced words. Goodby “skameeto” and “skabetti”.

Goodbye to needing me all the time.

But hello to being able to put her underwear on correctly by herself and brushing her teeth independently (or pretending to brush her teeth while only eating toothpaste and wetting the sink to “fool” me).

I thought about how to document this last day- how she has grown from the first day to the last.

Instead, I am celebrating that Sweets is still the goofy, fun loving, not taking everything too seriously, little girl that I love, love, love. Sure, she’s growing up, but well, watch for yourself.

Happy Last Day Of Kindergarten Sweets! And congrats to all the momma’s and dad’s that are seeing their kids off to kindergarten for the last time today.

Have a great crazy day!

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

We’ve all seen the “perfect family” photo shoot. That one time a year you get the family together and threaten to take away all manner of joy from their lives if they don’t sit and smile for the camera.

And the pictures come back GREAT. The kids are sitting pretty, they are smiling, they are doing exactly what they are being told to do.

Then there is MY family. Don’t get me wrong, the pictures I am going to show are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL.

But I also think they show the true personality of our kids, the dynamics of our family, and the fact that it’s not all smiles all the time.

The kids bicker. They don’t want to sit, they want to run. They cry.

They also love each other. They know that their dad and I love them. I think that is clearly evident in all these pictures.

I’ve used Adrea Scheidler as my photographer ever since I decided to suck it up and get a professional to do my family pictures. Our first shoot was when I was 7 months pregnant with Sarah and Mahlie was wary of this person with the camera. But not for long!  The second was with just myself and the girls when Sarah was just 4 months old and Mahlie was overjoyed to be the center of someone, ANYONE’s attention for a period of time. Then this April, with Sarah a feisty toddler and Mahlie a “photographer’s dream” when it came to cooperation.

Let me tell you that the experience I have had with Adrea has been….magical. She captures my family in a way I cannot. She has built a relationship with Mahlie and, well, Sarah will come around.

I will take credit (well, at least some of it) for the beautiful kids. The pictures are all credited to the brilliance of Adrea Scheidler Photography.

family sitting

There is always a non-smiler in the bunch. This is Sarah’s typical “camera face”.

family standing

This is also typical- one of us is always trying to coral Sarah and keep her with us.

sister love

Loving Big Sister

girls sitting

A more frequent Annoyed Big Sister


Partners in crime and best friends


How many of our days look like.


Sometimes it is hard being Sarah


Drying tears


Nothing like Daddy dancing with a purse on his head to get her laughing again.

Mahlie and Mommy

Kisses are pretty abundant

daddy love

Hanging out with “my Pi”

SJ standing

The face of trouble, earning her the nickname, “Wrecking Ball”


My beautiful Sweets

grown up sweets

My beautiful “oh my gosh you look so grown up I’m going to cry!” Sweets.


My beautiful disheveled sweets :)

And here, how our family has grown with Adrea….


Family of 3, and one on the way


Loving her sister from the very beginning


Not always a fan of getting her picture taken. Didn’t take long for her to warm up to Adrea though!

young m

Sweets turned into a very willing participant for Adrea

little sis.big sis

She was a super big sis from the start.


Signs of things to come….

young girls

I am one lucky momma!


Yep, I am still one lucky momma!


Actually, I am one lucky woman. ;)

Have a great crazy day!

The Weight of Love

They say love has no bounds. I can believe that, as I put my kids to sleep, and sit there for a moment, looking at their precious, peaceful faces. Which actually, to be honest,  are not very peaceful at all as I sit there, as both of them are making ridiculous last minute bedtime stalling requests. These faces may be precious, but peaceful won’t come for probably another hour.

But back to the point: when I look at my kids, I take deep breaths as I grapple with the huge emotions I have; love so strong it just about renders me useless if I think about the possibility of any harm coming to them.

The pride I feel that brings tears to my eyes when they reach a new milestone, show kindness, or help each other out.

The feel of their small bodies as I hug them to me at night, singing them their own homemade lullabies I’ve been singing to them since they were born.

I lift SJ up, feel the warmth as I hold her close. And then….

Geez, she’s getting pretty heavy. Her feet are already dangling down close to my thighs. When did she get so big?

The weight of love in my household is getting heavier.

Which means the nighttime ritual of rocking my youngest into sleepy time- while standing up, with her in my arms, is coming to an end.

The weight of love is almost unbearable. My arm is tingling and I am shortening the length of her lullaby so I can put her down.

I am not ready to let this ritual go. Because this is the last ritual of this kind I will have with my own children. It will change into a new ritual that will be just as wonderful, but it will change.

The weight of love will never be too much for me to bear, but it is certainly becoming to heavy for me to hold in my arms for extended periods of time without becoming numb and lightheaded.





Have a great crazy day!

It’s Been A Long Time

It's been a long timeIt’s been a long time. Too long. I’m not sure what I was waiting for- permission maybe?

But from who?

And then it hit me. Maybe I was waiting to give myself permission, because certainly my husband is all, “oh my gosh, of course, why wouldn’t you?” But then again, he’s my husband and he’s supposed to say nice things like that.

It’s been such a long time that most of my friends only remember back to a time when I did allow myself to do this. They are all, “what, you stopped?”

My mom would be all, “who cares!” My dad would be all, “would anyone notice?”

And I’m certainly not going to listen to my kids.

“Ewwww, mom! So embarrassing!”

I turn around, as I see Sweets is watching me as I try it on.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“No, you can’t! Your belly! I can see it!!”

“Well, of course, because it’s a bikini.”

That’s right. A bikini. I wore a bikini for the first time in over 5 years.

Then SJ walks in.

“Mommy wear underwear to pool?”

My kids have never seen me in anything other than a one piece or tank-ini, that made for mom bathing suit.

And mostly then I’d have on a cover up unless I was safely in the water.

I decided it was time. I’m not sure what I was waiting for, because I certainly don’t care what other people think. I’m way beyond that.

Or am I? Why else wouldn’t I wear a bikini to the beach/pool if I didn’t?

Given my history, eating disorders, wacky body image ideations…it’s not surprising. But I WAS surprised because I’ve come such a long way that I’ve not really thought it would be a problem.

Now that I have kids, I am bound and determined to give them a role model, someone that focuses on health and fitness, not weight and pant size.

I want my kids to feel good in their own skin. I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin. I want them to be healthy and treat their bodies with the respect it deserves, because they are beautiful. I don’t want my reservations to make them think they should feel in any way ashamed of how they look.

And of course they don’t, because they are 5 and 2 and all they can focus on right now is that there is a SNACK SHACK at the pool and they get to have a TREAT.

But first, back to the bikini situation.

Sweets: “Mom. You look like you have zebra boobs.” It is a black and white striped bikini.

SJ: “boobies? you wear bra?”

“No, it is a bikini and I am wearing it and I think it looks great.” Gosh, how long has it been since I said that?

It’s been a long time.

Have a great crazy day!