Welcome to My Special Kind of Crazy

3mSJThe Shmoople

Welcome to my first post! I’m Christie- a working mom (I am the Assistant Principal at a Special Education School) that is just finishing up maternity leave after my second daughter. When I was pregnant with my first daughter I knew I wanted to start a blog to 1, keep track of all the different experiences I would want to remember- first foods, first steps, first words; and 2, to have a place I can talk incessantly about my kids instead of driving my friends and co-workers crazy by being THAT mom and ONLY talking about my kids. I have failed in 1- keeping track of all the firsts and 2, I HAVE become that mom that talks incessantly about my kids. What happened to the blog? Well….

I got busy. CRAZY busy. A busy that I’ve not ever known before. A kind of busy that has you running around all day and at the end have nothing to account for all the running around. The house is still dirty, the fridge is still empty, the dog is not walked.  Because having kids makes you crazy busy. You are simultaneously trying to cook, clean, take a shower and keep your child from harming themselves in what seems like 1,000 different ways and answer the same question asked for the 1,000th time.

This blog will chronicle how I try to contain (because let’s be honest, there is no controlling it) the special kind of crazy that my 3 ½ year old daughter 3M, my 3 month old daughter SJ, and 6 year old, 100 lb dog affectionately know as “The Shmoople”, bring to my life on a daily basis. My husband, a.k.a Pi, and daddy extraordinnaire, helps keep the crazy in check (when he’s not adding to the crazy).

Everyone with kids can appreciate the crazy that happens on a daily basis. I’m hoping my stories resonate with some of you and that you at least get a good laugh. I also hope to connect to other families who have a similarly crazy life. Here’s to a crazy day!



One thought on “Welcome to My Special Kind of Crazy

  1. I did not know you started a blog…I love it!! I have always thought I should strt one but mine would go back for almost 30 years as a Mom—a wonderful journey I have had…and still wandering about…learning as I go. Its a wonderful life! Maybe I should start my blog as such….Its a wonderful life! Love your crazy moments!!
    Love you!
    Cathy Voltz Byrne
    an Old cousin…

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