The “M” Word

I have a thing. Actually, I know my thing is a thing many people have. The dislike for specific words. Dislike may be a slight understatement for the reaction I have to a certain word. I have an actual unpleasant physical feeling something akin to having the flu when I hear it.

The “M” word. I know a lot of you reading this are getting a bit anxious, dry mouth, watery eyes, maybe a bit of a gag reflex because you know what word I am talking about.

And you are hoping, HOPING, I don’t say it.



I hate the word “MOIST”.  Why in the world did I decide on this topic to write about?! Now I am going to spend the next hour or so writing, reading, editing a post full of the word “moist”. It’s like self flagellation.

The combination of those letters together forms such an unpleasant sound and even feels slimy when I say it. It’s not the only word I have a distaste for, but it’s the top of the list.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “if you let people know this, won’t they say it in front of you JUST BECAUSE they know you don’t like it?”.

Yes, yes they will.

Not only will they say it a lot, but they will DECORATE MY OFFICE WITH IT when I return from maternity leave.

So. Gross.

So. Gross.

That is how much I am loved. Notice my word, bolded and underlined just to make it more noticeable.

In the cringe-worthy word department, a close second is “panties” (bleeeecccchh!).

I knew I was extra loved when I was presented with this at lunch:moist panty cake

Yes, that is a moist panty cake. Omg I just threw up a little.

So I may as well come clean about the other words that leave me cringing.

Dollop, slather, slacks, and damp.

And will my sister-in-law make up sentences to include as many of these words as possible? Yes, yes she will.

I would love to hear words that make others cringe. It would be nice to know I’m not the only one!

Have a great crazy day!


7 thoughts on “The “M” Word

  1. Why don’t you love my sentence about lovely moist panties with a dollop of slathered lotion in them? Why wouldn’t you love to hear a sentence like that?

    • Menacing brother/sister in laws are great, huh? It’s okay- she hates frogs, so of course she gets a plethora (that is a fav word) of frog gifts. It’s a 2 way menacing street!

  2. Moist and panties, definitely! Those were the first two to pop into my brain. I also hate when my mom says, “pass gas”. It sounds so dainty. When she says it my kids look at me oddly and I have to say, “Grandma means fart.” My husband hates when the weatherman says precip.

    And in honor of Calvin & Hobbes, I love the work smock.

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