Multi-Tasking or How A Mom Does 100 Things At Once and Dad Is Still On #1 Of His Honey-Do List

How talented are WE moms? Not only are we making sure our children are safe, fed and (somewhat) clothed, but we are also keeping the house clean, doing the shopping, managing multiple schedules and maintaining an uber romantic relationship with our spouse.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding and it’s not even April Fool’s Day!

I manage to forget my load of laundry is still in the washer almost every time and end up washing them twice. What should be a morning task turns into a week long activity. Shopping is a crap shot that I’ll remember everything and sometimes I’m just so tired of pushing a cart around that I go to Dunkin Donuts for a large coffee instead of picking up the dog food. Really, table scraps for one night won’t hurt her. While I don’t have a too crammed full schedule (YET), I always manage to forget a birthday party or parent event for 3M and then give her ice cream for dinner to make my mommy guilt go away.

But really, we ARE superheroes when it comes to multi-tasking. The whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing- yeah, that doesn’t happen at my house. There is STUFF TO BE DONE and I have around an hour- if I’m lucky- while kids nap or zone out to Cinderella to get it all done. So here is what I pack into my hour:

1. Sweep and mop living room floor

2. Sweep and mop kitchen floor

3. Unload dishwasher and put away dishes

4. Put laundry from washer (yes, these are clothes that have been in there for like 4 days, but whatever) into dryer.

5. Fold clothes and put away.

6. Clean kitchen counter tops and wipe down kitchen table that is covered in unknown sticky substance.

7. Dust shelves in living room

8. Put away 100 books that are laying (lying?) on the floor.

9. Clean the downstairs bathroom.

10. Clear out fridge of condiments that have expiration date of 2000 or older.

Whew! Got a lot of use out of my supermom cape!  Here is what my husband does when he has same hour free:

1. Put dirty glass in sink.

2. Check foot ball scores.

3. Check golf scores.

4. Check baseball scores.

4. Watch football highlights on phone.

5. Watch baseball highlights on phone.

6. Read sports op-ed’s.

7. Check out SportsCenter and Dan Patrick Show.

8. Check scores to see if they have changed.

9. Goes to bathroom.

10. Still in bathroom.

Seriously- men CANNOT multi-task unless that phrase means watching multiple sports games on multiple TV screens while drinking multiple beers at a sports bar. Then they have multi-tasking mastered.

One day I came home and the ONE thing I asked Pi to do was not done. He is sitting on the couch giving SJ a bottle. I ask why the ONE thing wasn’t done and he said, “well, I’m giving SJ a bottle.” OMG. I would be up setting the table and cooking dinner while feeding SJ- when I was NURSING.

Us moms need to stick together and I know many of you moms experience the same thing. Like over at You Know It Happens At Your House Too. She and I must be on the same wave length today because she writes about all the things moms do in her post You Might Be A Parent If. Check it out.

Have a great crazy day!

multitasking mom


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