The Unexplained

Have you ever been walking through your house and see something….odd, but just keep walking? You don’t do a double-take, you don’t stop and try and figure out what it is or why it is where it is, you just keep walking as if everything is perfectly fine.

Before kids you may have reacted differently.

“What in the world? Why is that plastic frog in my bathroom?”

“How in the heck? How did that pair of underwear get up in the living room blinds?”

“Why oh why is there a roll of tape and a miscellaneous water bottle straw in the hallway off the family room?”

“Who cordoned off the toilet with….toilet paper?”

But now, with kids, you just walk by. You don’t pick it up. You don’t ask anyone about it. You just go about your normal everyday activities. Then one day those items disappear from where they were and inexplicably end up somewhere else they aren’t supposed to be. New items continue to appear in odd places, like the play croissant on the windowsill (which I had retrieved from my bra when I went in to brush my teeth. True story.) or the rubber bike tire insert hanging on the towel hook.

I think it would actually be strange if you DID question these things. There is only one answer, and it’s not difficult. Because you have kids.

That is all the answer that is needed. Who knows why kids do the things they do? If you ask them, the answer is so far fetched that it’s better just to shrug your shoulders and let it be.

You’ll be happier. You’ll be more sane. Just embrace it. Embrace the crazy shit you see on a day to day basis and don’t try to understand it.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve come across at home?

Have a great crazy day!



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