Countdown To Vacation: 3 Days!

In 3 days I pack up my girls and head off to the beach for a weeks vacation! Joining us is my brother and his family, who live in AZ and we only see around 1 time a year.

This will be the first time Sarah will hang out with her cousins, Chloe and Calie, and be able to understand what is going on, as she was only 4 months old when she met them the first time.

Also joining us during the week will be long-time family friends, and more like actual family, Amy, MEF, Daniel and Molly.

These are peeps we’ve known since we were wee lasses. These are peeps that have been in our weddings, been our roommates, spent holiday’s with. So yes, family.

I am beyond excited. It is not often we all get together and that my whole family is in the same house.

I see wine in our future.

And laughter. And good food. And probably some general, overall craziness.

I see Havannah Daydreams and Summer House outings. I see late afternoons on the beach and happy hour on the dock.

I see cousins staying up to late and running around barefoot, without a care in the world.

I wish I saw sleeping in, but no, that I don’t see.

Until my 3 days are up, I’ll try to keep working, try to get the chores done, try to be productive.

Fat chance of that, because all I can see is VACATION!

Have any good vacation plans this summer? Would love to hear how you’re spending your summer time!

Have a great crazy day!
Countdown to Vacation



2 thoughts on “Countdown To Vacation: 3 Days!

  1. We have family friends who are really more like family, too. We call each other our “chosen family.” Have an amazing time at the beach!

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