The Talk(er)

Have you ever seen the car commercial where the dad is putting his daughter in the backseat of the car, and she is just jabbering away and he’s trying to get to the drivers seat but is politely trying to wait for a break in her chatter?

There was no break in the chatter. So he just closes the door, gets in the front seat, and his daughter is still talking, seemingly unaware that her communication partner had ducked out for a second.

That is my child. Well, she’s not the one in the commercial. But she talks like her.

She is my jibber-jabberer.

I remember being SO excited to hear her first word.  It is the millionth word in the past hour that I am not so excited about. Especially if I am listening to those words through the door of the bathroom.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s not constantly talking. But when she gets going- my word!, or in this case, my hundreds of words!- she just keeps going.

She also loves to talk at times when she shouldn’t be talking. Like when someone else is talking.

Or in class. Which was prominently featured in her most recent “report card”. She is a great student, does her work, does it well, loves to learn.

But the talking….

During quiet work time, during group work time, during hallway transition time, during centers time….ALL.THE.TIME.

Last night before bed we had our nightly “cuddle”, which consists of a hug and a check in before lights out. This is one of her favorite times to “get going”. She’ll go all evening with barely answering my questions, but then when it’s time to call it a good-night, she gets chatty. Last night she was particularly chatty, talking to me all about where she is in Harry Potter, the crazy thing her friend did, the crazy thing she did, how crazy her sister is, why is everybody so crazy…

While she’s talking I am gently pushing her back onto her bed and covering her up and she says, “Mommy, I’m talking too much, aren’t I?”

“Yes, Sweets, you are a bit chatty tonight. Time to rest your brain [so you can talk all day tomorrow].”

“I don’t know why I like to talk so much, why do you think I like to talk so much? Do you know anyone that likes to talk as much as me I don’t think anyone else talks as much as me but I’m going to try and not talk so much anymore”….talktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalk..

I silently back slowly out of the room, closing the door, listening as my sweet, sweet, child just will not stop talking.

Have a great crazy day!






Say What?! Conversations With My Daughter

conversations with my daughter2
It’s the beginning of the school year and there have been a lot of articles on how to get your kid to talk to you about their day. They give you strategies on how to ask them about their day because the question, “How was your day?” doesn’t cut it if you want to find out how their day was.

I’ve tried all the strategies they have given, such as “tell me one thing you learned today” and “what is the name of a friend you ate lunch with”, etc. I still get responses such as, “nothing” and “no one” or “we did a butt-butt dance” and “no, seriously, her name is doo-doo head”.

Really I’m not too concerned with how her day went because if she comes home without a call from the school saying she needs stitches or she took all her clothes off in the middle of morning circle then I am assuming it went pretty well.

What I need is strategies on how to respond to out of the blue questions at unpredictable times.

Those questions that are asked that are completely unrelated to anything you are discussing and have nothing to do with where you are or what you are doing. Or just questions that have you opening and closing your mouth like a puffer fish because you aren’t quite sure what to say.

Here is an example of some of my recent conversations with my daughter:

#1 In the vet office

Mahlie: “Mommy, is Mira going to be okay?”

Me: “Yes, she just needs some medicine”

Mahlie: “Oh, good. Did it hurt when I came out of your belly?”

#2 Middle of the night

I walk by the bathroom and the door is open, and Mahlie is on the potty. She looks up at me, all sleepy eyed and flyaway hair:

Mahlie: “So, does everyone have a daughter?”

Me, half asleep myself: “What? Um, no- some people have sons. Or no children at all.”

Mahlie: “Why do they have a son?”

Me: “Because sometimes babies are girls, and sometimes they are boys.”

Mahlie: “So does the penis decide that?”

Me: “I’m going back to bed….”

#3 During Nighttime Cuddle

Mahlie: “So Mommy, tell me about God.”

[note: we have not introduced religion to our daughters and have not discussed God. well, until now]

Me: “Well, many believe that he created Earth and everything on it. He wants everyone to be kind and generous and follow the rules so that everyone has a good life.”

Mahlie: “Oh, so he’s like the law guy?”

#4 While having snack

Pi: “oh, by the way Sarah has a bit of diaper rash; it is bleeding in a spot.”

Mahlie: “Uh-oh! Better put a tampon in her butt so she doesn’t have a baby!”

Me and Pi: stare at each other, waiting for the other one to say something….

Have you had any interesting conversations with your kids lately?


Have a great crazy day!