The Fancy Dress

Getting dressed for school is always a  disaster, debacle, rage inducing experience challenge.

Parents everywhere are spitting out their coffee yelling, “YES!” in solidarity with this statement.

First, when your child is still young enough to not have an opinion about what to wear, there is the issue of tiny buttons. Tiny buttons for big adult hands or too small fasteners for aging eyes. It is impossible. There is yelling and crying and cursing and shouting.

Then, when your child has opinions and wants to choose her own outfits, you get something like this:

Or this:

Or this:

There was a time when my kids would match. There was a time when my kids looked put together. There was a time when I would care. That time has passed. I don’t care if it matches or is even appropriate for the weather. Whatever they have on when it is time to leave, that is what they are wearing. Halloween costume in March? Be my guest. A dress AND a skirt? Sure, looking great.

But one thing I drew the line at was The Fancy Dress.

My girls, believe me, have plenty of clothes. They have choices up the wazoo of dresses and clothes that are fine to wear to school, get dirty, get torn, get lost, etc. So I started hiding the fancy dresses, the ones saved for “special” events, in the back of the closet. I would hide packages that came in with fancy dresses. I got play dresses and day dresses and I don’t care if this comes back covered in mud dresses.

But all Sarah wanted were: fancy dresses. Fancy dresses that are pretty and beautiful. And twirl. They must twirl.

So. I bought fancy dresses. Fancy dresses that twirl. Fancy dresses that are a step up in price from Target but made well enough that when they are washed from all the getting muddy, they will not fall apart.

From a child’s point of view, EVERY day is a special day deserving of a fancy dress. Now I have a certain special little person who fancies herself a fancy dress every day who is VERY happy.

Thanks to Zulily, my favorite discount website, these super cute Llum dresses, that are typically far beyond my “these are everyday fancy dresses that are most likely going to have a short shelf life” budget, were affordable.

Now my sassy Sarah can flounce off to school looking super fancy and feeling super happy. And I’m not going to be stressing over her getting her “special outfits” dirty.

It’s time we ditched saving fancy dresses for special occasions. Let them wear dresses with snow boots when they go geocaching. Let them wear tulle on a regular ole Tuesday. Crazy, you say?

Yep. That is my life.


Have a great crazy day!



What’s Better On Valentine’s Day Than A Little Bit Of Mr. Darcy?

Valentine’s Day has turned into a commercial mess.

Cards and candy and jewelry and overpriced dinners that you enjoy with a room full of 100 other strangers. Romantic, eh?

You know what is romantic?

Mr. Darcy.

That’s right, Mr. Darcy of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”.

Jane Austen, the mother of the rom-com, creator of chic-lit, master of love and chivalry.


So this Valentine’s Day Eve, I bring to you, 10 shining moments of Mr. Darcy.

You are welcome. (*I apologize to my sis-in-law Tricia for not using the Colin Firth Darcy, but this version of P & P is my favorite).

10. Flirting, Mr. Darcy style.

9. She went to Pemberly. He was home.

8. Compliments, back in the good ole days.

7. Coming to his senses. Unrequited.


6.That first dance. Not quite today’s pop music Valentine’s Day teen angst dances.

5. Just…yes. I’ll take this scene over any 50 Shades….

4. They should bring back this phrase.

3. Arguing in the rain is a lost art….

2. First Proposal. Even though he was turned down, damn. My favorite scene.


1. Second, more successful proposal.


Have a great crazy day!

Friday’s Photo Finish: It’s Picture Day!

picture dayToday is picture day at Noggin’s day care. She is all outfitted in the cutest get up she got for Christmas from her Auntie Brick. She was so darn cute, and keeping the hat on!, that I had to take a picture before we left because we all know what can happen at picture day. This picture doesn’t even do justice to the cute little sheep design on her little dress and omg it just makes my heart smile (if that were possible).

This comes at a very good time because I don’t have A SINGLE PICTURE printed out of Noggin.

That’s right. NOT.ONE.

Don’t get me wrong, just look through my Facebook feed , my twitter photo’s, my Instagram,  and there are pictures GALORE of my sweet love face.

But as for actual photos framed and in the house, or wallet sized pictures given out to family?

Not a single one.

In all fairness we don’t have any pictures of Sweets framed in the house after around 1 1/2. So basically I am failing both of my kids in the area of photo display.

I have high hopes for this picture day for Noggin and getting my first frameable photo up in the house!

Have a great crazy day!

Shameless Sharing…of Me.

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I post 2-3 times a week over on my blog during the week. I do not typically post on weekends because I am spending time with the kiddo’s and Pi. I tend to be more active on Twitter and Instagram on the weekend, because that’s about all the time I have before one the the kids finds the Halloween candy stash or makes a mad dash (or slowish crawl) up the stairs.

In the 8 months since I’ve started this blog I’ve had a lot of fun sharing my crazy family moments and I look forward to sharing even more. Now that Noggin is starting to talk (well, she says “dog” over and over again) and is close to wrecking havoc in the house starting to walk and Sweets is starting to show some real personality, I am sure they will keep me stocked with stories to tell.

And to mom- most of the posts will probably be what I already told you in our Sunday morning conversations. But keep following me anyways. And stop telling me about my typos….I KNOW!!!! ARRGGGH!

Have a great crazy day!