The Size of 4

They say good things come in small packages. Thing is, my package didn’t start out small.

No, when she was born she surprised us all by weighing in at 8lbs 11oz, beating her sister by over a pound.

Since then, her personality has outpaced her physical growth and, as Willie Shakes said; “Though she be but small, she is fierce!”

No part of her personality is small. Her ire is fierce, her joy is fierce, her squeezies (aka hugs) are fierce, her competitiveness is fierce, her sense of humor is fierce, her love is fierce.

I know many talk about the “spirited 2nd child”, and while she certainly is spirited, I don’t want to say that her grand personality is the product of being born 2nd. She defies conformity on a daily basis, so I don’t want to group her into that typical definition.

For her, every day is lived in extremes. There is no pause button, no reset. Once she’s started down an emotional path there is no changing it. Whether it be red-faced anger or unabashed joy, you get what she’s giving. There is no in between.

She is my rainbow baby. My special girl who was oh so wanted and every day I thank those that need to be thanked for bringing her to me. With her namesake’s spunk and feisty-ness and her cousin’s mischievous ways, she shook up life as we knew it and has been leading our new charge forward ever since.

Sarah Jane, my squishy, you are going to make 4 an adventure. I’m looking forward to it!


Her personality pretty much summed up in this photo


Her namesake, Sally Jo, would approve of SJ’s ways.


SJ also wears her heart and compassion on her sleeve. She loves her family.

Her fashion sense is one of a kind. She loves wearing “sock pants” aka tights/stockings.

She’s grabbed hold of the hearts of those around her. Just a few here: her “life coach”, “crisis manager” and “grammy”.

She enjoys the small, delicious things in life.

She can also clean up nice and put on a pretty face….


When it suits her.

My baby girl to my big girl. There is lots to love in my big, little package.

Happy 4th Birthday, Sarah Jane!


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