Thank Goodness For Little Girls

I’ll give them this- my girls are cute. Blond hair, blue eyes….I can’t deny they are pretty girls. When they are all dressed up and put together, they are adorable.running

But there is “the other side” of little girls. They are not all pink dresses and pretty bows in their hair.

They are stinky.


And messy




And dirty.

588And like to play in dirt.


And they most definitely like to talk about poop. They can keep up, and probably surpass, any boy in talking about gross things that come out of your body. The smells, the stenches, the poops, the pees. It is a favorite topic, most often discussed at dinner time. There are giggles and guffaws, because one cannot say “poop” or “toot” with out falling out in peals of laughter.

This weekend, they made me some clay “art”.

toiletsYes, those are toilets. Filled with poop. They were very proud of their creations and I was just glad they weren’t drawings because I am sure they would have asked for them to be displayed on the refrigerator. In their defense, my mom’s favorite drawing of mine from when I was their age is of a dog, taking a poop. So clearly, runs in the family.

Thank goodness for little girls, right? #likeagirl #myspecialkindofcrazy

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Have a great crazy day!


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