So You Think You Can Dance

The other day my daughter burst through the door, flailing in excitement, kicking off her shoes, dropping all her belongings on the floor and yelling “MOOOOOMMMMYYYY! I have something to SHOOOOOWWWW YOU!”

I am thinking to myself, “Super, another art project/homework assignment she’s proud of that I get to figure out how to sneak into the recycling.” Oh no, it was MUCH more exciting than that.

She is trying out for the school talent show.

My child, the one that would go hide in the corner when it was her turn for “show and share”, the one that would hide behind my legs for the first hour when going to visit at friends’ house, the one who would shut down and bury her head in my stomach when strangers would greet her in the grocery store, she is trying out for the talent show. And she is EXCITED about it.

I was so proud of her and so happy that she is taking the initiative to do this on her own that I almost got teary.

Then I thought, “what is her talent going to be?”

“Well, my friend Amelia is going to play her violin and Ingrid and I are going to do ballet.”

My friends, have you SEEN my child do her “ballet”?

Let me remind you:


My girl, doing her own thing. #familyroadtrip #vacation #myspecialkindofcrazy

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Don’t get me wrong- her dancing is WONDERFUL. It brings a huge smile to my face and brightens my day.

She just likes to do her own thing, regardless of what the music is or what everyone else is doing. She truly dances to her own beat, which should absolutely be celebrated.

#danceparty #myspecialkindofcrazy

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I am not sure if she will make it past the audition stage of the talent show, but if she does, I will be there and I will cheer and I will be one proud momma. And if for one second it looks like things are going to hell in a hand-basket, I will pull a parenting move straight out of Little Miss Sunshine:

Have a great crazy day!


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