Signs of Spring

Spring is coming! LAST spring we began construction on the garden, this spring it is ready to go! I will be updating on how Mahlie’s watermelons grow and if I get more than 1 tomato this season. I have lots of hope for this season!

My Special Kind of Crazy

After the long winter of relentless bad weather, multiple snow days, and being cooped up indoors, I am welcoming the Signs of Spring with wide open arms. And a wide open door, accompanied with yelling, “go outside and play!”

I ponder the phrase, “Spring Cleaning”, because with Spring comes muddy shoes, dirty clothes, filthy little bodies, and a collection of shoes by the door that far outnumber how many kids actually live here.


Spring is messy, and I love it.

I encourage it.

If my child comes home squeaky clean I ask, “what in the world did you do all day?”

Want to jump in puddles? Go ahead!

Want to climb that pile of mulch like a mountain? Go for it!


Play with sticks in the mud puddle? Have at it!

Dig in the garden bed to find pet worms? Have fun!


Want to go barefoot and shirtless? Fine by…

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