10 Excuses, I Mean REASONS, I Have Been Absent From My Blog

Well, so much for the goals I set this year for myself on regularly updating the blog! I tell myself, “it’s quality that counts, not quantity.”

But as there has been zero posts, I have given my loyal followers nothing. Mom, you don’t count because I talk to you on the phone. Be satisfied you get that.

Here are the Top 10 REASONS I have not posted more on my blog. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is definitely an exhausting list.

  1. The laundry will not fold itself. As much as I pray it will, lo and behold, it does not.
  2. The children will break stuff if they are not watched. Or eat bowls of sprinkles, hiding under the dining room table, hoping no one would notice. The scattered sprinkles bottles next to a half eaten bowl of confetti sprinkles sort of gave it away though.
  3. I decided to join 4 book clubs. I am behind in all of them.
  4. SO many episodes of Cake Wars!
  5. Wegman’s is REALLY. BIG. So is Target.
  6. Getting in my 10,000 steps on my fit bit has been more time consuming than I bargained for.
  7. So is getting in my goal # of sleep hours. I have been working overtime on that one, so it’s sort of left less time for other things. Like giving kids baths. I mean, did you see the article on how it’s not necessary to give kids baths every day, and actually is MORE HEALTHY for them to skip a few days a week? It is for their HEALTH.
  8. When you have been home for multiple snow days with kids, it takes a bit more wine to get through the day, which also makes typing less productive.
  9. Cat video’s are really entertaining and the next thing you know, BOOM, it’s 1am.
  10. I’ve gotten all kinds of obsessed with SnapChat.

Right. So I have no real reason. I’ve got lots to say. Eventually I will get it out in the form of a blog post and tell you all about SJ’s claiming the neighbors are her parents, how we had to Google one of Mahlie’s 1st grade math problems to help her and were unsuccessful, and the time Sarah was scared that the “tomato” (tornado) was coming to get us.

You can check out pics of my kids being cute on Instagram, find me talking about things I find ridiculous over on Facebook, check out my random thoughts on Twitter and if you are trying to pretend you are not middle age and want to be in with the cool kids, follow me as “voltzy” on SnapChat , where I have no idea what I am doing, but the face filters are hysterical.

Until then, I will tide you over with these:

fashion safety

The girl takes so many fashion risks she needs to wear a helmet.

SJ outfit

I would be upset too if I couldn’t get one more shirt on. Layers are stylish.

Sj filter

I turned SJ into a cartoon. Because phone filter apps are fun. And time consuming. Another reason I have not been active on my blog.

Have a great crazy day!


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