New Year’s Came In With A Bang (To The Head)

When you imagine a gathering of 23 kids ages ranging from 3-8, what comes to mind?

Kids at camp? On the playground? Chuck E Cheese? Hell?

We called it “vacation.”

Over the winter break, 11 crazy families decided to get together, rent a house and “hang out” and “relax” for New Year’s Eve.

You know what happens when you do this? The adults hang out in the kitchen and on the couches, chatting and watching football (guess which adults were in which places) while the kids roam the house like a pack of wild wolves. They were having a great time, chasing each other around, running from those that had “cooties”, forming little tiny people gangs. As the saying goes, “everything is okay until someone loses an eye.”

Guess whose kid almost lost an eye?

cut eye

Is this not the saddest little look on a face?

In the midst of the running around and slamming doors on each other, a picture fell off the wall and nicked SJ’s eyebrow.

That is what the other kids tell us, and we’ll need to take their word for it. The adults were in varying states of making and drinking eating their breakfast downstairs. All of a sudden there was a door slam, silence, suddent crying, and what sounded like a stampede of bison coming down the stairs.

All at once those that witnessed the event were screaming out, bombarding us with descriptions of what happened; “there’s blood all over the face!”, “she’s bleeding from the eye!”. Not even having been told exactly WHO was bleeding from the eye, I was running up the stairs. I just had an inkling it was my kid. Because Sarah.

Sure enough, there she is, one of my friends holding her and pressing a tissue to her head. I took her downstairs and sat her on my lap, applying pressure and wondering, possibly out loud, “where did my mimosa go?”

Right. That sounds bad. I took a look at it on the way downstairs and while it was a bleeder, it wasn’t that bad. There was a brief discussion of whether to take her to urgent care, but experience has taught me that the most they would treat her with was a lollipop and a bandaid. Way back when, Mahlie face planted into the fireplace when Brian and I were at a baseball game . Strasburg was pitching- it was his starting weekend. We had 3rd base line seats. We’d just sat down with a nice refreshing beverage when the phone rang. I think my butt was on the seat all of 5 minutes before we had to leave and meet out friends who’d been babysitting to haul her to the ER. Where they treated her with…you guessed it, a bandaid and a lollipop.

I could do that.

bandaid eyeShe was like a tiny rock star after that. Bleeding from the eye and just a bandaid! WOW!

The life of a second child…

Have a great crazy day!


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