Double Up


That is the answer I got when I asked my best friend about gifts for her girls for Christmas. They each wanted the same thing.

“Should I just get one  and they’ll share?”

Every mom reading this is inwardly groaning/laughing/spitting out their drink at my stupidity. I deserved the “amateur” I got flung at me.

What was I thinking?? EVERYONE knows that you need to get two of everything.

Let me set out some scenario’s:


SJ walks in, all smiles, asking for cereal. I get her favorite color bowl and fill it up. She’s eating happily.

In walks Mahlie, also wanting cereal. I get out her favorite color bowl and fill it up. She’s eating happily.

SJ looks over at Mahlie’s bowl and declares, “I want that one.”

“You have yours right here and LOOK! IT’s your favorite color, green! Mahlie has hers in her favorite color, purple!”

SJ: “I WANT THE PURPLE BOWL!!” and she sweeps her arm across the table, cereal and milk covering everything.

Mahlie: “The purple bowl is MINE! She’s ruined my breakfast! She got cereal all over my breakfast!”

Me: “Your breakfast is cereal…how did she ruin it with MORE cereal??”  But I digress…

If you get things in different colors for them to share, they will ALWAYS want the color that their sibling is using. If you get them each their favorite toy, the minute you get home they want to play with what the other is playing with, but don’t want the other to play with their toy.

If you get 2 of an item that look exactly the same- same size, same color- they will want the one their sibling has. If they have something and their sibling wants it, it all of a sudden becomes their most FAVORITE TOY EVER.

If you give one of them a spoonful of ice cream after taking yucky tasting medicine, the other will scream, “NO FAIR! They get ICE CREAM!”

If you take one to a birthday party where they get to jump on trampolines, eat candy and cake, drink all kinds of artificially flavored drinks and come home with a load of plastic crap in a paper bag and their sister, who was not invited and was appeased at home with a piece of candy, the bday party goer will yell “NO FAIR! SHE GOT CANDY AND I DIDN’T!”

If you only have one left of something, you throw it away. That there is just a no win situation that will end in tears and rocking in the corner and then while you are doing that who knows what they’ll get into.

It’s the holiday season, so make sure you double up. 2 of everything.

Including the wine.

Have a great crazy day!



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