Where’d Summer Go?


Summer. Lazy days out in the sun. Sleeping late. No schedule.

That was not my summer. My summer was so crazy that before I could sit down and enjoy it, I found myself opening up the windows in the evening, turning off the a/c and putting on a sweater.

When in the store shopping for my favorite summer beverage to enjoy on one of those lazy days, I had the option of Octoberfest or Pumpkin Ale.

Out buying clothes for my kids, I was amongst the hottest in puffer snow jackets, snow boots and a variety of snowman hats and mittens.

What the hell? Where did summer go?

This morning my daughter asked me why I was getting up for work in the middle of the night. On my way home from work, I saw the sun setting.

Where did my long, summer days go?

Looking back to my collection of summer blog posts….wait. Where are all my summer blog posts?

They are in pictures. They are in memories. They are in stories told over dinner and to my mom over the phone. I still have yet to put them on paper. Alas.

So I will share my summer of blog posts in pictures, which never materialized into the written story. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this blog post is going to be approximately 15,000 words long, but won’t take as much time to read.

See ya, summer of ’15.


There was plenty of watermelon to be had, dripping down hands and down necks and making hair sticky. I’d like to say there were as many baths, but no. There was just sticky kids.

water balloons

The favorite pastime in the early days of summer was water balloons. Oh, all the water balloons! Which turned into tiny particles of balloon remnants all over the lawn, like summer confetti. My husband muttered that he “wasn’t supposed to rake until fall.”

lightening bus

We did the whole traditional glass mason jar with holes in the top to catch fireflies. You know the one problem with that? Fireflies don’t really come out in the summer until dusk-ish, which is around 11pm practically. I love the longer, sunny, days, but when you have tired, cranky kids waiting to catch fireflies it makes for a long day.


Time with beach grammy. She took time off from the beach on a couple weekends to hang out. So nice of her.


We joined a pool and spent many hours trying to keep our kids from drowning. Mahlie, thankfully, learned to swim. Sarah THOUGHT she knew how to swim and would intermittently jump into the water without her floatie. She does not know how to swim, so that caused some anxiety.

evan sparklers

On the Fourth of July we always light off sparklers for Evan. It was his favorite holiday.

OBX bay

OBX walk

OBX girlsWe took our annual vacation to OBX with family. The girls loved our morning walks on the beach and days in the pool. It is one of our most favorite vacations.

NS family

cousins on swing

We had a last North Shores friends and family dinner at our beach house. Someone may have ended up in the bushes, and we never did find out who the poor mystery guy was that mistakenly was added to our group text and we refused to remove him even when he told us he had no idea who we were. Summer is all about making friends.

The porch swing in our courtyard that has been the focal point of decades of family photo’s is now in my garage. I took it with me, along with its wonderful memories.

girls and smoopshmoop

We said good-bye to Mira, that big goofy shmoople stink head that was my best furry lovey. I will miss her, even though she is not quite gone. Her ashes are on our mantle and her dog hair is still all over our floor. Probably will be forever. That crazy lunkhead shed like you would not believe. I would give anything for one last smash kiss. Sarah still walks around trying to find “her doggie” and thinks she is at camp.

ice cream mess

SJ proved to be quite adept at making a mess eating fudgecicles, and was required to eat them naked on the patio.


The garden- it’s done! Right in time for Fall! Bring on the kale.


What good is summer without a festival? Mahlie got dolled up like a princess with her cousin and rode an elephant. I did laundry. I think she had a better day.

dockI said good-by to 3 Harbor. The beach house that I will always and forever consider my home. One last look at the view. I will see it in my dreams and soon over the mantle. My high school friend has painted a 22″x77″ canvas of my most favorite view. I can’t wait to have it hanging up!

off to school

And nothing says “end of summer” like the first day of school. Off goes my 1st grader, in all her My Little Pony gear.

Have a great crazy day!


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