My Kids Never Knew The Difference

Rainbow Dash


The historic SCOTUS decision on Friday ensuring all individuals have the equal right to marriage under the law is the kind of event that you remember the exact place you were when you heard the news.

Which is funny now that I write that, because I actually have no idea where I was. That occurred more than 3 days ago, which is apparently beyond the length of time my mom brain is able to remember things these days.

BUT, if this monumental decision had taken place at a time before I had kids, (which is probably closer to the time it SHOULD have been decided, though in my head it was just sort of not ever an issue that should even be argued. but let’s keep what goes on in my head out of things), I would have remembered exactly where I was.

One thing I do know is that my kids won’t. They won’t remember where they were. Because they are really young. And how wonderful is that?

My kids will never have known the difference.

I debated on if, and how, I should talk to my 5 year old about it. An opportunity came up when she was sneaking on my phone and ended up on my Facebook page and saw all the rainbow colored profile pictures.

She asked me why everyone was rainbow?

“Is it because they like My Little Pony?”

Because  My Little Pony has a character, Rainbow Dash, and My LIttle Pony is all she is concerned about and thus it should be all anyone else is ever concerned about.

So I took my chance.

“Well, today a very important decision was made that says everyone is allowed to get married.”

“You and daddy couldn’t get married? But you are married.”

Yeah, here is where I ran into the 5 year old brain.

“Yes, we are married. And who else do we know that are married on our street?”

There was a point to this.

“Bob and Phyllis” (not their real names).

“That’s right- and Sally and Carl across the street. You know who else is married on our street?”


“Teresa and Alison.”

BIG look of surprise on her face.

“But they are both girls!”

“I know. But they love each other so they wanted to get married. But they had to wait a long time because they weren’t allowed before.”

“WHAT!?!?!? Why not?!?! THAT’S CRAZY!!!”

You’ll notice she didn’t think it was crazy that Teresa and Alison loved each other and wanted to get married. She thought it was crazy they weren’t allowed to get married.

So that is how I talked to my kid about how everyone that loves someone is able to get married. I asked her if she had any other questions. She had just one. Said it was really important.

“Sooooo, can I watch My Little Pony now?”

Have a great crazy day!


One thought on “My Kids Never Knew The Difference

  1. Really enjoyed your postings! Very relatable! I hope you post again soon, but as I’m learning, juggling kids and blogs is not so easy! If you have a chance please take a look at mine – it has a similar vibe 😊

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