If I Had a Million Dollars….I Wouldn’t Spend it on a Birthday Party

This is my most viewed and popular post since I’ve started my blog. I guess it resonated with moms and dads everywhere when planning bday parties! My sis-in-law planned a great petting zoo party this weekend and she dreaded it but it was great. And now it is that time of year when I plan Mahlie’s bday. This year it is a 6 guest limit (her age) My Little Pony piñata party at home. We may throw in a sprinkler on the front lawn. There will be beer butt chicken (her request) and baked mac n cheese (my thought that not all kids will take to the chicken). But what won’t I do? Any of the below…

My Special Kind of Crazy

You know the Barenaked Ladies song “If I Had A Million Dollars”? If not, for shame. If so, it lists a bunch of ridiculous things one would buy if they had a million dollars including, and my fav, a monkey (I always wanted a monkey).

One thing I would NOT do is spend it on a birthday party for my kids. Not even a little bit of it.

One, I am only organized enough to begin planning and preparing a themed Birthday Party in my head. When it comes to carrying out said plans, it’s like 2 days before Sweets’ birthday and by then I am all “let’s get pizza and cupcakes and be done with it”.

And you know what? Sweets loves it. Has a great time! No complaints! Imagine that! Kids just want to hang out with their friends, family and eat a little cake. Okay, a LOT of cake.

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