Last Day of Kindergarten

Today is Sweets’ last day as a Kindergartener. It’s not the last time I will celebrate this milestone, or mourn the loss of my sweet, sweet baby as she turns more and more into a lovely girl. But each milestone is still a reminder that they are growing up.

Which is wonderful. But gone are the pudgy legs and misprounounced words. Goodby “skameeto” and “skabetti”.

Goodbye to needing me all the time.

But hello to being able to put her underwear on correctly by herself and brushing her teeth independently (or pretending to brush her teeth while only eating toothpaste and wetting the sink to “fool” me).

I thought about how to document this last day- how she has grown from the first day to the last.

Instead, I am celebrating that Sweets is still the goofy, fun loving, not taking everything too seriously, little girl that I love, love, love. Sure, she’s growing up, but well, watch for yourself.

Happy Last Day Of Kindergarten Sweets! And congrats to all the momma’s and dad’s that are seeing their kids off to kindergarten for the last time today.

Have a great crazy day!


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