A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

We’ve all seen the “perfect family” photo shoot. That one time a year you get the family together and threaten to take away all manner of joy from their lives if they don’t sit and smile for the camera.

And the pictures come back GREAT. The kids are sitting pretty, they are smiling, they are doing exactly what they are being told to do.

Then there is MY family. Don’t get me wrong, the pictures I am going to show are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL.

But I also think they show the true personality of our kids, the dynamics of our family, and the fact that it’s not all smiles all the time.

The kids bicker. They don’t want to sit, they want to run. They cry.

They also love each other. They know that their dad and I love them. I think that is clearly evident in all these pictures.

I’ve used Adrea Scheidler as my photographer ever since I decided to suck it up and get a professional to do my family pictures. Our first shoot was when I was 7 months pregnant with Sarah and Mahlie was wary of this person with the camera. But not for long!  The second was with just myself and the girls when Sarah was just 4 months old and Mahlie was overjoyed to be the center of someone, ANYONE’s attention for a period of time. Then this April, with Sarah a feisty toddler and Mahlie a “photographer’s dream” when it came to cooperation.

Let me tell you that the experience I have had with Adrea has been….magical. She captures my family in a way I cannot. She has built a relationship with Mahlie and, well, Sarah will come around.

I will take credit (well, at least some of it) for the beautiful kids. The pictures are all credited to the brilliance of Adrea Scheidler Photography.

family sitting

There is always a non-smiler in the bunch. This is Sarah’s typical “camera face”.

family standing

This is also typical- one of us is always trying to coral Sarah and keep her with us.

sister love

Loving Big Sister

girls sitting

A more frequent Annoyed Big Sister


Partners in crime and best friends


How many of our days look like.


Sometimes it is hard being Sarah


Drying tears


Nothing like Daddy dancing with a purse on his head to get her laughing again.

Mahlie and Mommy

Kisses are pretty abundant

daddy love

Hanging out with “my Pi”

SJ standing

The face of trouble, earning her the nickname, “Wrecking Ball”


My beautiful Sweets

grown up sweets

My beautiful “oh my gosh you look so grown up I’m going to cry!” Sweets.


My beautiful disheveled sweets 🙂

And here, how our family has grown with Adrea….


Family of 3, and one on the way


Loving her sister from the very beginning


Not always a fan of getting her picture taken. Didn’t take long for her to warm up to Adrea though!

young m

Sweets turned into a very willing participant for Adrea

little sis.big sis

She was a super big sis from the start.


Signs of things to come….

young girls

I am one lucky momma!


Yep, I am still one lucky momma!


Actually, I am one lucky woman. 😉

Have a great crazy day!


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