Happy Mother’s Day!

For all the stories, for all the tales of frustration, woe, overall craziness and chaos, I am the luckiest woman alive.

I’ve got a great husband and we celebrate 7 years together this weekend. On Mother’s Day, actually.

I’ve got 2 wonderfully unique girls that tell me they love me and I am the best mom ever.

I’ve got the most fantastic mom ever, who has taught me how to be a great mom by allowing me to be me and pipes in only when I ask. She’s the bomb.

This weekend I will celebrate all moms, grandmoms, moms that are moms in their heart if not quite holding that bundle yet, moms that cuddle and kiss their kids goodnight, and moms that pray to their angels in heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day!

And to Pi- Happy 7th Anny.

Have a great crazy day!

The Crew

All the girls~


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