Birthday’s and Kids

There is nothing like having a birthday when you have kids. The excitement starts to build around a month earlier. You feel so special that your kids are so excited and enthusiastic to celebrate your day.

Don’t kid yourself. They are excited for cake.

Any presents they buy you? Really it’s for them.

You know what I got from my girls? 4 very lovely heart shaped balloons. 4 lovely balloons that have started around 4000 sibling fights.

Then they add the “extras”. At the grocery store; “oh mommy, there is that super duper sugary cereal with the cartoon guy on it! Let’s get it! FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!”

At Target (cuz y’all know a mom’s birthday would not be complete without a trip to Target). “Oh, mommy! Look at that piñata! Wouldn’t that be fun FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY?!”

At home: “oh, mommy, let’s just sit and watch TV all day because IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!” Okay, that we actually did do.

You get the picture. And THIS picture shows just how in tune my kids were to ME on my birthday.


All Eyes are on the Birthday Girl Cake


Like I said, cake.

*oh, and the bday candles are a “typo”.

Have a great crazy day!


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