There Is No Debating They Are Heroes

There is no debating that those who have developed vaccines to eradicate disease are heroes.

I have not joined in the great vaccine debate that is clogging my facebook inbox and monopolizing the news.

For me, there is no debate.

I want healthy kids, so I get them vaccinated. Science says vaccinations are the safest way to prevent your kids from getting disease.

I know there are individuals that have “personal beliefs” otherwise.

I don’t care. I believe science.

I also hold great stock in the opinion of our family friend, Dr. Mark LaForce.  The founder of the Meningitis Vaccine Project, and one of the subjects of Annie Leibovitz’s latest photo shoot, has said:

“I can’t think of anything more just than preventing death and disability.”

Vaccines prevent death and disability. I believe that. I stand by it. I won’t debate it.

See the video on the making of Annie Leibovitz’s “The Art of Saving a Life”.

The entire website is here.

Read more about the astounding, life-changing work of Dr. Mark LaForce here. And here. Oh, and here.

Have a great crazy day!





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