Teaching Important Life Skills

As a special educator, my job has revolved around teaching children to be independent in all areas of life. I want to make sure that they are prepared to go out into the world, be an integral member of their community and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

I like to think I am bringing some of this “teacher savvy” home to my kids, and while they are only 2 and 5, it is never too early to teach your kids to do things for themselves. I mean, you don’t want to be wiping bums, cutting steak into miniscule pieces or setting out clothes that match for 18 years.

I want my girls to be able to do things for themselves; to not need to depend on anyone else to do something for them. If they run into a problem, I want them to be able to solve it on their own. I also want them to learn to make choices that keep them safe. Self preservation is an important skill, after all.

I don’t worry as much about Sweets. She may be sassy, but she’s a rule follower. She doesn’t want to do anything to get herself in trouble. She becomes very upset if she gets scolded for breaking a rule. This has resulted in her going to great lengths to cover up her wrongdoing. I’m not sure how long she thought she could get away with sneaking the pudding snacks under her bed, but leaving the empty containers to stink up her room gave her away.

SJ, on the other hand, she don’t care. She’ll just blatantly take something and run. She’ll look you in the eye while she’s taking that pair of adult scissors and running through the house with them. She’ll crawl out the doggy door and then wait until you’ve noticed to start to run off. She knows she’s wrong, but she’ll do it as quick as she can before you can catch up to her.

It’s like she is tempting fate. An incident this week all but confirmed she is preparing herself for her worst case scenario. We were getting ready for school, I’m taking off her footie jammies and out falls a cheese knife.

That’s right, she was packing heat.

I was somewhat relieved, she DOES have self preservation skills. She is fully prepared to defend herself in a prison riot.

Have a great crazy day!




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