Absurd Rules and the Making Of

Every family has rules. If there were no rules the little people would take over and it would be cupcakes and chocolate milk with all meals. Bedtime, what’s bedtime? Bathtime, only if I don’t need to get wet. Pick up my toys? Why? There is still a corner of the living room floor that is visible.

You have your typical rules:

No hurting others.

No making fun of others.

Pick up your toys.

Then you have the “other” rules. These are the rules that are tailor made by moms and dads that are unique to their family.

No putting the pets in the dryer.

No eating flowers.

No swinging from the chandelier.

There are times parents yell out a directive to their child that is so completely absurd they themselves do an about take.


Those are the rules I would love the back story to. Because there is no way the rule “no pooping in the yard”  was made without a hysterical back story.

Since that is not my story to tell (and yes, it is a TRUE STORY!) I will have to make do with telling my own story about how one of our absurd rules were made.

It was a cold and stormy night (seriously, I live in VA and we had a snow storm and it was cold). The girls were “super freezing” after playing in the snow when they got home from school (cuz though while cold and stormy, schools didn’t see it fit enough to close, leaving people with 3 hour commutes) and wanted some hot chocolate.

Easy enough.

“With whipped cream!”

You know, it was the first snow day (except we didn’t have off from school) so I said, sure, why not. So I got the hot chocolate all prepared (in identical mugs because ugh to arguing over different colored mugs and who gets it and which one makes drinks taste tastier) and after filling the top of the mug with whipped cream, they each got a spray directly into their mouths. It’s kinda a family tradition.

Sarah is still learning this skill and often whipped cream is all over her face. It’s cute actually, watching her try to get that drop off whipped cream off her nose with her tongue.

UNTIL….her sister reached over, wiped the whipped cream off Sarah’s face AND ATE IT.

At which point I yelled:

“If the food is on her face, it belongs to her!”

And THAT is how the rule:

“No eating food off other people’s faces” was born.

Do you have a weird family rule that can match THAT? Leave it in the comments on my blog page!

Have a great crazy day!


6 thoughts on “Absurd Rules and the Making Of

  1. My son LOVES Harry Potter! He is eight years old and is almost through the fourth book. He also has an old plastic golf club set with missing club heads, which now make awesome wands. Wands that have come precariously close to smacking me in the face during bedtime stories.

    So we now have the “No magical wands during story time” rule.

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