My Real Resolutions

Like many others, I am starting the new year by packing up Christmas and thinking of all the ways I can change for the better in 2015 with New Year’s Resolutions.

Then in a month, maybe less, I will, along with many others, lament the collapse of those said goals.

So I am doing things differently this year. I am going to be true to myself and make My Real Resolutions.

Resolution: Lose Weight

So typical, right? You eat your way through the holiday’s and then resolve to go on the newest fad diet to get rid of it all. You stock up on healthy foods, plan a months worth of menu’s that include “fat free” and “light” ingredients, and then you throw out a bunch of food that went bad because you never had the time or energy to make it and went with an easy microwave fix.

My Real Resolution: Rejoice in the small steps I have taken to be healthy. Continue to mostly eat non-processed, fresh foods, knowing that the occasional microwave mac n cheese or pizza delivery isn’t going to derail me. Eating a bag of cheeto’s on the couch watching my fav TV show once in a while is pretty much balanced out by all those times I snack on carrots on my car ride home from work.

Oh, this doesn’t mean I’m not going to kick some serious ass in the good ole family new year weight loss challenge (this time using first weigh in is tomorrow!), but I won’t beat myself up over a couple Oreo’s either.

Resolution: Exercise more.

Oh, how the fitness centers love January! Everyone is running out- or slow jogging, or crawling as it may be- to get memberships. They WILL go to that Zumba class at 5am before work! They WILL get a personal trainer, screw the mortgage! And they go- they go in droves. Then it’s like a horror movie where members just keep disappearing…”I’ll be right back!!” and they are never seen again. I’ve been there, done that.

My Real Resolution: Continue to find ways to add movement into my daily routine. I take the stairs instead of escalators and elevators. I park in the last row in the parking lot instead of driving around looking for the closest one possible. I walk the dog, wrestle and chase the kids and run around the house hiding from them so I can get a moments peace. I speed grocery shop and then carry all 17 bags of groceries into the house at house at once because hell no to a 2nd trip. And who could forget changing a wriggling two year olds diaper, which should be considered a high intensity workout all in itself.

Resolution: Spend more time with my family.

I work full time so our weekday schedule is somewhat chaotic and there are some days that I see my girls for maybe 1 hour. That sucks. I could overcompensate by planning day long family outings to fun destinations every weekend, spend time in the car listening to the constant “are we there yet?” and then when we reach our fun destination, listen to the “I’m bored!” and “Can I buy that?” met by my equally agitated “we’re having fun! smile for the camera! Stop crying!”

But instead-

My Real Resolution: Keep on kissing and hugging my girls as often as I do and telling them I love them every day. They know they are loved and Sweets has even told me to, “cut back on the hugs, mom!” She of course is all smiles when I give her tackle hugs and cover her cute face with kisses. Hearing them laugh and say, as SJ does, “I wub yooooo” is enough proof that the time we do spends together is spent in a way that makes them feel happy and loved. Yep, I’ll keep doing that.

Resolution: Be more charitable.

Couldn’t we all? There are so many deserving our support it can seem overwhelming. It IS overwhelming. But my resolution is pretty clear.

My Real Resolution: Continue to bring awareness to DIPG and help raise funds for this terminal childhood brain cancer. I will continue to support my family as they prepare for their 3rd Pan-Mass Challenge to raise money for the Evan T. Mandeville DIPG Research Foundation at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. I will continue to share stories of other families that have fought this battle and highlight hero’s such as Lauren Hill, the college athlete who played her first college basketball game with the disease.

I’m not perfect and never plan on being perfect. I do what I can to be fit and eat healthy to be a good role model to my kids and I do good enough. I make the most of the time with my kids and dole out hugs and kisses on demand and even when not in demand. I do good enough. I cheer on Evan’s Crew and share my nephew’s story so that others might feel inclined to pitch in and help fight cancer. I do good enough.

I could do more. One can always do more. And when I can, I will. But for the most part what I do is good enough and my resolution is to be happy with that.

Happy New Year!

Have a great crazy day!



One thought on “My Real Resolutions

  1. I absolutely love how you are keeping it real with your resolutions and finding ways to make progress on your bigger goals by taking baby steps. A great small victories post and hope you are linking up again this week!

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