Home for the Holiday’s

The great thing about working in a school system is the time off during the holiday’s. You don’t need to worry about how you are going to manage work and holiday plans. You don’t need to schedule everything to occur in the later afternoon/evening to accommodate work hours.

The brutal part of working in a school system is the time off during the holiday’s when you have kids. Having off means you are home with them which means you need to keep them busy. Nothing says holiday cheer like forcing fun family time on your kids!!!

“Ho! Ho! Ho! kids, smile and look happy, dammit!” has been uttered by more than one family.

Here are our Top Memorable Holiday Moments:

1. Getting and decorating the Christmas Tree.

I am not quite so sure whoever decided bringing a tree with all it’s needles into the house that are then tracked all over like glitter. Don’t talk to me about fake trees because if I am going to have a tree in the house I am going to have a TREE. This year we bought out tree at the local high school, which was located on a busy road. It’s all fun and “mommy let’s play hide and seek!” with the kids until a frazzled mommy is trying to keep track of the 2 year old near traffic. But we survived, and I’ve got my real tree smell in the house.


We’ve done the requisite decorating the tree, with the requisite pictures of the hanging of the ornament. What wasn’t captured was the unhanging of multiple ornaments by the hippopatamoose (my 2 year old, who smashes everything and is not unlike a cross between a moose and a hipporpatamus, says my brother). Those ornaments met with a shattery death on the hardwood floor.


Sarah is just plotting her next move…

2. The Baking of All the Holiday Cookies

The Crew

The Crew

Each year we bake cookies with my mom and we make and decorate the typical  holiday sugar cookies. The recipe I found was awesome and you can find it HERE. The cookies held their shape and didn’t fall apart when decorating. However, they are so over laden with icing and decorations, sprinkles and colored sugar, that there is no way to tell which are the stars or Christmas trees. Well, except one of the angel’s my mom decorated to look like what I have lovingly dubbed the Angel of Misery. That one is hard to miss.


Angel of Misery

Grammy’s tutorial to Sweets on dough rolling was awesome though, and probably what I will always remember as part of our cookie baking time. Pure love.

3. Visited a Local Holiday Display

Today we piled on the gloves, hats and coats to go to the Gaylord ICE display at the National Harbor. The theme was Frosty the Snowman and it included scenes from the iconic cartoon. Tons of ice everywhere meant it was, well, freezing. Sweets was fine. The experience for the Hippopatamoose was more one of putting hats and gloves on and then taking them off and having dad find them and put them back on again. It was a fun game that amused only me. Pi said, “Sarah was having a hard time at the end.” If you substitute “I” for “Sarah” you would get a better idea of what was going on.


Mahlie and I did get to go down an ice slide though, and it was funny to watch Sweets get stuck in the middle because her butt slipped out from her coat, which acted somewhat like a sled. Then I realized someone might need to go down after her. Realizing that someone would most likely be me, I urged her to crawl the rest of the way. She made it and as she said, “That froze my butt! Let’s do it again!” Of course.


4. Photo With Santa

This season I took the girls to have their photo taken with the Santa at the Mall. Usually we’ve gone to Brunch with Santa at my Dad’s club in DC, but this year the logistics were a bit much. I’ve got 4 years of unhappy baby/toddler with Santa photo’s, so I was hoping for a frame-worthy picture this year.

Unlike our photo session for the Christmas Card, they sat still for longer than 5 seconds and while I didn’t get a smile from Sarah, she didn’t scream, yell or smash Santa, so that was a success.

xmas card

Unsuccessful Xmas card photo

I used up my Christmas Miracle with that photo session, given we waited in line FOR AN HOUR. Ever need a reason to drink before 10am, I’ve got one for you. My reserves of patience and my sanity was stretched thin by the time we got up there, so after the photographer snapped away what seemed like forever, I said, “hey, if we’ve got half a smile from the little one, than we’re good.”

Photographer: “I don’t have half a smile yet.”

Me: “Put down the camera, and no one will get hurt.”

The look of “wtf?” on SJ’s face is about as good as we’re going to get.


Tonight we’ll join my parents for Xmas Eve dinner, the girls dressed in their new fancy outfits. We will dine at a restaurant with real silverware and breakable glasses. We will go home, read “’twas the night before Christmas” and pray the kids sleep past 4am.

To you and yours-

Have a great crazy day!


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