The Sweetest Time of Day

A parent’s day typically starts waaaaay before one would naturally like to be awake.

The good thing about being awake that early is that I was up alone. With my cup of coffee, lamenting the fact that I was awake, trying to get the lunches made in time to get the littlest up, dressed and out the door before traffic snarled and made me late for work.

Of course I would wait until the very last minute possible to get out of bed and start this whole process, requiring that things needed to run like clockwork in order to get out on time. No room for error, no time to stray from the routine.

Then, Sweets decided she wanted to get up and watch me make her lunch. She will get up and come in my room, sometimes mistaking 3:30am and 4:30am for my wake up time,  to make sure she doesn’t miss me going to the kitchen. I would then either 1) be wide awake and unable to get back to sleep for that last coveted hour or 2 before I NEEDED to be up and be a walking zombie the rest of the day or 2) finally fall asleep 15 minutes before it was time to get up and sleep through my alarm and be a walking zombie for the rest of the day.

Sweets was putting a wrench into my routine, all but ensuring my mornings would be chaotic and stressful. All of a sudden my fine tuned, running like a well oiled machine routine was getting disrupted. I was not amused. I was, on average, getting out the door 15-20 minutes later than my ideal time of departure. I was cranky. I had no patience. Many mornings resulted in Sweets in tears and me spilling my coffee.  It was not a happy routine.

I will be rushing everyone out the door, juggling all the bags and snacks and my coffee, and Sweets will be complaining that she was cold and to hurry up. This made no sense because SHE DIDN’T NEED TO BE OUTSIDE, she wasn’t going anywhere! She was only coming outside to watch us drive down the driveway and wave as we went around the corner. It was 35 degrees out this morning and she was sitting on the porch chair in bare feet. I expect Child Services to come calling any time.

And then THIS happened (a slightly contrived rendition, but you get the picture):


I started to see the morning routine in a whole different light. Sweets was getting up to spend time with me. She was coming outside in the cold to watch as her sister and I  left, standing on the porch waving until she couldn’t see us anymore. I would say, “Have a great day at school! I love you!” and she would respond, “Don’t worry about me, I always come out on top!” ala Pippi Longstocking. The routine now included more time spent with my girl.

But the sweetest, the now most anticipated part of my day, is watching her and her sister say goodbye. Sarah won’t leave until she gives Sweets a hug, and now a kiss, good bye. She’s just recently started giving goodbye kisses, and it is the cutest thing on this planet.



So now, while the morning routine is still the bane of my existence, the good-bye ritual is one of my favorites of the day.

Good thing for coffee.

Have a great crazy day!


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