Nothing will get a momma going more than when her child’s safety is at risk. We have been trained to think “safety first!” since they popped out of our bodies.

We’ve been told to watch the soft spot and hold their head. Could there be anything more frightening than thinking of what could happened if you don’t watch that soft spot and aren’t careful of their head when you hold them? The thoughts are terrifying!

And then they start moving and even though they are more in control of their head, they are now in danger of bonking it on just about every hard surface and sharp corner you haven’t baby proofed.

With Mahlie that was the fireplace. It met her head and then she met with ER doctors. She’s got a scar she is pretty proud of. Other than that, she’s been pretty bump and bruise free. Oh wait, I take that back. She fell smack dab into the wrought iron fence around a kids playground, which resulted in 2 huge knots on her forehead. That was on my husband’s watch though, so I’m not counting it.

But Sarah? That girl, she is fearless and her forehead is taking the brunt of it.

Since the beginning she was trouble. At a well visit I was told by her doctor that I might want to get her head checked because she thought her soft spot was closing too soon. Then she handed me a script that said SKULL X-RAY STAT!

That led to some anxiety, but all was fine in the end. Except her noggin was a bit flat in the back. You know, she was the second child and I’d put her down and kind of forget about her. So we were counseled to take her to see about a helmet to make sure her head formed correctly, but in the end decided to wait a bit longer and then things turned out pretty fine. I mean, it still isn’t perfectly rounded, but her hair covers it up.

In hindsight, we should have taken the helmet. Not for her head formation, but for protection. That girl is FEARLESS. She runs with abandon, not looking where she is going. She follows her sister in climbing and jumping, without  consideration to her abilities and the possible consequences.

The girls forehead has met with more walls, door frames, table corners and cement floors than one would consider possible. I don’t think she’s ever transitioned anywhere without falling into something. It’s nothing to do with balance or physical ability- it is her complete disregard for her surroundings. She’s too busy having fun at life to pay attention to the things in her way.

While it is anxiety producing for me, she is having a blast. Like this past weekend- she was introduced to a trampoline for the first time. When Mahlie first went on a trampoline I had to be with her and she didn’t like it when other people were jumping and she’s cry and want to get off. She likes to know how to do everything correctly right off the bat, which makes learning new things a challenge at times. But once she gets it, there is no holding her back.

But Sarah,  Sarah is FEARLESS. She was jumping, falling, bouncing right from the get go…and didn’t want me there with her.

While Mahlie is our cautious one, our rule follower, Sarah is likely to “throw caution to the wind”.  I watched her with a sense of pride, and a sense of dread, thinking of what the future holds for us. What I do know is that just like jumping on the trampoline, we’re in for a lot of ups and downs, falls and triumphs, while having fun along the way.

But I might buy a couple helmets just to be safe.


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