How To Drive Someone Crazy

I am a pretty laid-back, easy going person. I let things roll off my back, turn the other cheek, always have a smile on my face…I’m pretty even keel.

But right now? Right now I am about to lose my shit because beep.

By “beep” I mean a constant “beep…..beep…..beep….beep….beep” of an alarmed door that clearly has it in for me.

I’ve posted on Facebook how the alarmed door near my office was on the fritz last week and the intermittent “beep” was about to send me off the deep end.

It’s still going. Doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

How do I feel? You know that guy from “The Shining”?

I feel sorta like that.

You know what I feel like doing to this wacked out door?

Ever watched Office Space? Where they take the copier out to a field and give it what for?

Or that time in Modern Family when they can’t find where the beep is coming from?

Ty Burrell made it funny. This is not so funny. Even less funny is the fact that yesterday that scene actually played itself out at my house. A smoke detector had a low battery but instead of fixing it, my husband put it in the garage so he couldn’t hear it.


Then he was out running errands and I was tearing my hair out trying to find the damn beep. I just can’t get away from it. All beeps and no silence makes Christie a cranky momma.

Please someone, send help. With a crowbar and a baseball bat.

Have a great crazy day!



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