Friday’s Photo Finish: Family Vacation

OBX Auntie Aimee2

Family vacation has come and gone. We spent the better part of a year planning for and getting excited about our annual vacation on our family chat. Our planner extraordinaire, my sister in law, started texting about what to pack around January.

I started to pack the weekend before the trip. Because that’s how I roll.

I documented my trip with one picture a day posted to various media accounts. Yes, just one picture. Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t take more, but I made a real effort to stay off my iPhone and enjoy time with my family. Real time. Time in the pool, on the beach without a phone in my hand, checking up on twitter, FB and my lil blog.

They would ALL be there when I returned.

We had a fabulous time on the Outer Banks, all 18 of us. And we are all still speaking. THAT is a family vacation success!

Now I am getting ready to send my Sweets, my oldest baby, to Kindergarten on Tuesday. I am looking back at these photos now, trying to somehow transport myself back to a time when I wasn’t buying back to school supplies and trying to figure out what to make for lunches.

No worries! Our vacation is already reserved for next summer- my sister in law should be sending out the what to pack email pretty soon…time to start getting excited again!

Until then…

OBX Auntie Aimee

Auntie Aimee and the girls

OBX cousins

Dune Horses

OBX beach horse


OBX Julia

Beach Horses

OBX poppies

Cousins by the pool


OBX farmer Josh

Farmer Josh


Have a great crazy Holiday Weekend!


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