The Neighbors

Growing up, I spent a good amount of time over at my neighbors house. Their daughter was several years older than me, but we got along like sisters. More often than not I’d be over there for dinner as well. The neighbors were like my second family.

Now that I have kids of my own, I look back on that time and reflect on how my friendship with my neighbor played such a huge role in my life. She was a confidant and role model. She was a constant companion on weekends.

When my husband and I first moved into our first home together, I was excited to find that our immediate neighbors were also newlyweds around our age. Sure enough, we became close friends.

Not just friends. We became more like family. They are the neighbors that you can call at a moments notice for help, whether it be for a cup of sugar or helping move a large piece of furniture. We hung out on weekends, had each other over for dinner, went out in the evenings to ball games. We spent holiday’s together. We went on vacation together. In an emergency we could call each other in the middle of the night for help. Even our dogs were best friends and shared a crate at dog care.

Then I had Mahlie. Not only were we smitten with Mahlie, they were, too. Then they had their daughter the following year. Since then, our daughters have grown into best friends. They were each others besties, even a year apart. They went to the same daycare, we were each others emergency care contacts, the girls would have impromptu get-togethers in the afternoons, spend afternoons at the park, had each others first sleep over at each others house.

Then we moved. Well, they moved first…from right next door to across the street. We then moved all the way from DC to VA. They, of course, were the first people to come visit us at our new home. And while there, my friend showed me a picture of a house she found in MD that she loved. And was thinking of moving.

When we got back from our first summer vacation, we found out they had put their house on the market! On our second summer vacation, they moved.

To Maryland.

We went from being right next door to around an hour away.

No more impromptu get-togethers. No more running over for a cup of sugar.

However, our friendship is firmly established. They are family, and will continue to be family. Oh, and their new house? It has a pool. So yeah, they will continue to be our friends until…well, let’s just hope they never fill in that pool.

This past weekend we went to visit them at their new home and take the inaugural dip in their pool. We’ll be back for their Open House and they will be at our Thanksgiving table. They might not be our neighbors anymore, but they are still family.




M and Lily

Down by the bay….


Inaugural swim in the pool

sun nap

Worn out

Have a great crazy day!








2 thoughts on “The Neighbors

    • I know- neighbors used to look out for one another, and fortunately we found that in our neighbors. Our current neighborhood is lovely and we just had a cul-de-sac BBQ and I am confident we will make friends. But no one can replace our “family neighbors!”

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