I posted this list of fun things all kids should do in summer, and we managed to put a good dent in it. I hope everyone else was able to cross off a lot of these as well! If not, you’ve got Labor Day Weekend to end the summer on a high note!

My Special Kind of Crazy

Yes, sung in my best Olaf the Snowman voice, I am belting out “In Summer!!” throughout the house.

Memorial Day signals the kick-off of summer. All things warm and sunshiney.

My summer memories are some of the best memories I have. Most of them go back to when I was a kid, running around barefoot, spending the day at the beach, afternoons at the pool, evenings running around playing kick the can and ghost in the graveyard.

The freedom of summer was wonderful. Everything was more relaxed. Eating outside made food taste more delicious. Salt air and sunshine put everyone in a good mood.

Summertime when you are a kid is the best. Being dismissed that last day of school, the summer months stretching out in front of you- did it get any better?

Even though I won’t be dismissed for a summer of fun, I still plan on giving…

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