A Weekend in Review and Some of My Favorite Things

We didn’t get many weekend away days this summer. Other than the 2 awesome vacations we took with family, we were busy with “we just moved and need to get rid of all these boxes before we go insane!” chores. Today- thankfully!- we do have a “day away” planned. We are visiting our friends that just moved to the ‘burbs for a cookout and come pool fun. Have a great, sunny, summery Sunday!

My Special Kind of Crazy

We had a GREAT weekend. It was one of those weekends that if someone was keeping score, we would totally be winning. I am not sure what we would be winning at or what the prize would be, but we were totally winning.

It was a weekend all about family. Not chores. Not errands. Not cleaning. Not shopping.

Just being with family.

While we’ve been on vacation with family and friends this summer, we’ve not just had a weekend together, our family, spending time together without the errands/chores that keep us from really spending time together.

We cooked out on the grill. EVERY.NIGHT. (which means I did not do a large part of the cooking! SCORE!)

I actually tried out some fun kid activities I found on Pinterest. Isn’t that almost unheard of? Don’t we all just pin that stuff, stare at it and say “who has the time?”


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