Simon Says “Be Just Like Me”

I know I promised pictures of vacation, but I somehow haven’t found the time to download the pictures from my camera onto the computer and upload them and label them and get them organized.

What have I been doing? I’ve been marveling at my daughter’s growing relationship. Honestly, I am practically stalking my kids, watching their every interaction because I cannot get over how sweet they are together. Well, there are the times that Sarah is smashing her sister and that isn’t so sweet but it is kinda funny watching the little sister take the upper hand. She’s got some moxy, that one.

In the past couple of months Sarah has gone from watching her sister with mild curiosity, continuing to do her own thing to the side to full blown I NEED TO DO WHATEVER MY SISTER IS DOING! I CANNOT LEAVE HER SIDE FOR A SECOND NOT EVEN TO LET HER POOP!

Adoration, idolization, hero worship….all these come to mind when watching Sarah with her older sister. She’ll walk the same way, “talk” the same way, eat the same things, and want to play with the same toy (which then leads to some very non-sisterly type interactions).

I never had a sister, so watching their relationship grow is fascinating to me. Fascinating and lovely. I love the thought of them being the best of friends and always being there for each other. I know- given the 3 years that separate them- that there will be years of angst and annoyance that will keep them from being close, but I truly hope that they turn out to be each others confidants and co-conspirators.

Right now I am enjoying watching them grow up together. Yesterday Mahlie was enjoying running around in the rain and when Sarah got home she joined her. She copied her every move. It is really quite amusing watching a 20 month old try to do a cartwheel (especially when she is trying to copy from a 5 year old that doesn’t know how to do a proper cartwheel).

rain again rain

Of course there are times that Sarah has to show Mahlie that she’s not one to be messed with and even though she is younger does NOT mean she is the meek one. Nope- and she’ll let you know.

Have a great crazy weekend!



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