All About The Celebrating!

There is a lot to celebrate today! First, my sweet, silly, adorable, lovely niece Calie turns 3!!

I Am THREE!!!!

Calie is a force to be reckoned with and she makes her whole family so proud of her every day! She lives life to the fullest- she lives it for herself and her twin sister, Cammie, who is keeping watch over her up in heaven. Calie’s a joy! Her life is a daily celebration.

Also, this weekend Team Evan’s Crew participated in their 2nd Pan-Mass Challenge, which raises funds for cancer research at the Dana-Farber Institute through the Jimmy Fund. 100% of money raised from Evan’s Crew goes to the Evan T. Mandeville Foundation to find a cure for DIPG. I went on a full out social media blitz to garner more “likes” on their Facebook page, which you can find at Pan-Mass Challenge: Team Evan’s Crew. It’s not to late to go over and “like” their page, because though their race is finished for this year, they will be riding each year “as long as they are physically able” per my brother-in-law (and Evan’s Dad). In 2 years they have raised over $150,000. THAT is something to celebrate.

I’m sure Evan is also keeping an eye on Cammie, helping her celebrate her heavenly bday, most likely with a huge chocolate chip cookie and fireworks.

Have a great, crazy day!




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