I Am Pretty Sure All Guys Must Have Sucked At Hide And Go Seek

Guys must’ve sucked at hide and go seek, because they can’t find anything unless it is held up within 2 inches of their face.

Have you ever called out to your husband to get you something that you need but you are otherwise occupied and can’t get it yourself?

How many of you then yell out at least 5 different directions on where to find said item?

How many of you then get your husband yelling back to you, “we don’t have it!” or “I don’t see it!”?

How many of you then curse under your breath, put down whatever it is you are doing, go to where they are standing looking blankly into the closet/cabinet/refrigerator and immediately find the item you are looking for?

Because it is sitting right there in front of them.

Oh, well, it might have been partially hidden by something else, but that would have meant MOVING something to find it. Apparently in guydom this is unacceptable.

Sometimes the item is in the cabinet with the label facing the back, or it’s sideways. Since it doesn’t give them a full on view, it is rendered unidentifiable.

This past week, I sliced my finger while cooking dinner (shut UP Dave). I called out to my husband to get me a bandaid. He said, “let me go see if we have any”. 5 minutes go by, there is no sign of him. I wrap my finger up and, exasperated, I go in search of him. He’s walking out of our bathroom shaking his head, “we don’t have any.”

I took his word for it and searched through my travel case to see if I had any extra’s. None.

Then I think to myself- “the last time I saw those bandaids they were slightly obstructed by a bottle of advil. Let me see if they are there.”

I open the medicine cabinet and VOILA! Right there, big blue box. Of course, not only was it partially obstructed, but the label was to the back so the “Band-Aid” label was written slightly smaller than on the front.

I walk out, triumphantly waving the bandaid.

“You are SUCH a guy! You can’t find ANYTHING!”

“What?!  Where were they? I looked everywhere!”

“They were right in the medicine cabinet!”

“Wait, what medicine cabinet?”

“The medicine cabinet in our bathroom.”

“We don’t have a medicine cabinet in our bathroom.”

A look of absolute disbelief must have passed over my face.

I take him back to the bathroom and show him the medicine cabinet, which is a mirrored cabinet on the side wall.

“Oh, I just thought that was a mirror”.

I rest my case.

Have a great crazy day!




3 thoughts on “I Am Pretty Sure All Guys Must Have Sucked At Hide And Go Seek

  1. Bwahahahahahahaha. I am laughing so hard I can’t breathe!! “Oh, I thought that was just a mirror.” Bwahahahahahahaha. This is so typical. My husband is just like this…and Bobby is, too. He never, EVER sees anything he’s looking for even if it is literally right in front of his face. It’s maddening. But that medicine cabinet…I can’t stop laughing! –Lisa

    • I know, right? So ridiculous! For someone that can rewire a house and put together the most complicated ikea furniture w/barely looking at the instructions, it is astounding.

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