Cold Water Challenge #3! Get Dumped On For Charity!

I’ve posted recently about the Cold Water Challenge for charity- you choose a charity, donate $10, have a loved one, or someone that perhaps is irritated with you and will derive great pleasure from being “the dumper”, dump a bucket of ice cold water over your head, and challenge others to do the same or donate $100 to your charity.

I saw this over at Southern Mess Moms and immediately decided to take the challenge which I posted here.

Then my friend Dave took my challenge which you can see here. My sister-in-law quickly followed with her own:

Today I got evidence from my friend Molly that she took the challenge. Now, she didn’t take a video so I am taking her work for it, and her husband looks WAAAAY too happy for it to not have taken place. So here is the photo evidence. Another bucket of ice water dumped in the name of charity. Evan would have loved it!


The look of apprehension one gets when ice water is about to freeze your head


Nice icy cold bucket of water


A pretty gleeful looking husband about to do the honors


Mission accomplished! And her husband has asked if he can do this again for his birthday….

My friends have had icy cold buckets of water to support my favorite charity, Evan’s Crew. Check out their website for their upcoming Pan-Mass Challenge, where they will bike 163 miles over 2 days to raise money for DIPG research, the brain cancer that my nephew lost his battle to at 11 years old.

The challenge doesn’t need to be over! Go ahead, I dare you! Send me your video or pictures getting water dumped over your head, include yourself saying, “Evan Would!” and I will post it here to help raise awareness of DIPG and Evan’s Crew and their goal to help cure this horrible disease.

Have a great crazy 4th of July Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Cold Water Challenge #3! Get Dumped On For Charity!

  1. Bwahahahahaha! He does look way too happy for it to not have happened! 😀 This is so fantastic! I love the chain of ice water challenges that is happening! –Lisa

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