That Vacation Glow

I just got back from vacation and I’ve got that kind of glow…

Or it’s the glow of someone that is trying to get back onto a work schedule and is hopped up on too many cups of coffee.


I am going to need to let my vaycay pictures do the talking today because my brain is too tired to try and think of how to form proper sentences.

Suffice it to say we had a grand time. Friends and family and good food and lots of wine and one major epic night that may have resulted in someone flattening the hydrangea bush. Too bad I didn’t have the camera at the ready for that one.

Tomorrow we’ll recap in more detail, and especially explain how my daughter became known as the “hippopotamus”.

fam on the beach

With my brother and his family from AZ. Beautiful weather all week!

playing in the sea

Mahlie and Chloe beg for Brian to “take us to the middle of the sea!” There were times we wanted to leave them there…

cousins on the beach

Cousins strike a pose

calie on the beac

Silly Calie

sunny day

Sunshine Girls


crabbing off the dock…no one fell in this time.

candy girl

As excited as a kid in a candy store!

sweet treats

“Mommy, next time I don’t want such a big cone. Or the sprinkles. Just regular.” I think my child is ill….


Mahlie and Chloe on the ferris wheel. Wish we could keep them in that cage like ride longer….

SJ ride

Sarah enjoying her first ride….

spooky house

Mahlie equally enjoying the “spooky house” ride. “Mommy, don’t ever take me on that ride again until I am old….like 44!” I cannot stop laughing at this picture!

And lastly, Sweets giving Uncle Billy her best Ninja Moves.

Have a great crazy day!



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