Top 5 Memorable Memorial Day Weekend Moments

Down at my favorite spot in vacation this week….I am wondering if we will see that duck again….and hoping we do not see the woman that sounded like a duck….

My Special Kind of Crazy

This Memorial Day Weekend kicked of the beginning of summer and I spent it in my most favorite spot in the world: at the beach. I joined a bazillion other people leaving at the same time, on the same road, going over the same bridge.

So that was fun.

But no matter: once at the beach, no matter the weather, no matter how long it took to get there, I am in my happy place.

With wine.


This Memorial Day Weekend I had many special moments, and several “mom of the year” moments. These were my top 5 memorable moments of Memorial Day Weekend.


1. 3M’s First Time Flying A Kite. This is NOT to be confused with “The First Time 3M Almost Drowned”, because she didn’t. Confused?


We were out for our 5 Year Anniversary, rescheduled since Pi was in Vegas for our actual Anniversary, because we…

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