awesome dude


Evan may no longer physically be with us, but we remember him every day, and particularly on his birthday. He would have been 13 today.
This week Evan’s Crew had fundraising events at Davenports Restaurant in RI where a portion of their proceeds go to Evan’s Crew and the Pan-Mass Challenge. Last year it was their biggest fundraiser for the bike ride, raking in $6,000!
This weekend Evan’s Crew will don their shirts and head to 6 Flags to celebrate his birthday by riding all his favorite, crazy rides.
I’m not able to be there this weekend, but I’m honoring him by getting all my friends to dump ice cold water over their heads, because “Evan Would”.

The latest cold water challenger? My Sis-In-Law! She sent this gem last night!


My boss just gave a donation because while she wasn’t “challenged”, she enjoyed watching the water dumping videos of my co-worker and I.

Want to help a great cause and help find a cure for DIPG?

Go to Evan’s Crew and see all the great work they are doing to raise money for the Evan T. Mandeville DIPG Research Fund at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The Pan-Mass Challenge, a 2-day 163 mile bike ride, is their biggest event this summer.

OR, you could dump an icy cold bucket of water over your head in the name of charity.

Because Evan Would.

Have a great crazy day!

I will be on VACATION all next week and will be reposting some of my favorite posts. I will still be on Instagram and Twitter if you want to keep up with my vacation antics there!



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