One Proud Momma

sweets step up

See this smiling face? That is the smile of a “big” girl that just finished her pre-school stepping up performance. That is the smile of a “big” girl that sang her heart out and included all the right moves. That is the smile of a “big” girl who just “stepped up”.

Yes, Sweets had her preschool “stepping up” ceremony yesterday. And while it is to celebrate preschoolers heading off to Kindergarten, for me it was celebrating my “big” girls new found confidence.

When she first started preschool, they asked me what I wanted her to learn. It’s not so much what I wanted her to “learn”, it is how I wanted her to feel.

I wanted her to shed her shyness and feel comfortable enough to show everyone her wonderful personality.

I wanted her to turn up that megawatt smile when she greeted new people.

I wanted her to be happy and comfortable trying new things and participating with her friends instead of hiding in the background.

Yesterday, her confidence was evident. Her happiness was contagious. Her joy and pride in herself was clear.

She stood up on that stage, singing her heart out, not just moving her lips and half-heartedly doing the movements. She was having FUN. She was animated. She was wonderful.

I don’t have a video of it because I was too busy enjoying it in the moment. Sometimes you just need to put down the cameras and just sit back and soak it in.

And soak it in I did. Soaked it up so much that it may have leaked out my eyes a bit…

When we were driving home, Sweets said to me, “mommy, I am really happy I did such a good job.”

Well, I am so happy she now finds joy in something she used to find so hard.

I am one proud momma. But more importantly, she is one proud “big” girl.

Have a great crazy day!



2 thoughts on “One Proud Momma

    • Thanks Jean! And I hope Jack is feeling proud now that his photo is up on the board now. Don’t listen to the naysayers….you are a rock star mom to your boys and in the right about the situation.

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