I have successfully had an ice cold bucket of water dumped over my head in the name of charity.

Did I mention ICE cold? As in, there were ice cubes beaning me in the head when it was dumped over me.

I am emphasizing the ICE because in my video I said I was having a “bucket of water” dumped on my head. People looking at that would be all, “Who cares??? What kind of challenge is that? It’s like asking a mom to drink a cup of coffee in the morning!” I think I was just nervous about the impending iciness. My daughter asked me if it was going to turn me into Elsa. Because of course.

So let me emphasize: ICE. COLD. (baby…)

Here is the evidence:

My friend Tim did the honors. My daughter, my niece Charlie and Tim’s daughter Lily were the excited gaggle of girls. They ALSO had buckets of water dumped over their head…sans the ice. They thought it was most excellent.

Again, the Cold Water Challenge is for charity. I am donating $10 to the Pan-Mass Challenge: Team Evan’s Crew.

Now I am challenging 5 of my friends to do their own Cold Water Challenge, video tape it and send to me (where I will share if they’d like) OR send $100 to my charity.

I heard about this challenge over at Southern Mess Moms and must say we had a very fun time taking place in this challenge.

Have a great crazy day!


One thought on “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Cold Water Challenge

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