Cold Water Challenge Anyone?

I love a good challenge. It gets my adrenaline pumping. I like to prove that I can do what perhaps people think I can’t.

So when I saw another blogger’s post about the Cold Water Challenge, I was immediately in.

Over at Southern Mess Mom’s she is choosing a favorite charity and donating $10, having her loving husband dump a bucket of ice cold water over her head, then challenging family and friends to do their own cold water challenge OR SEND HER CHARITY $100. Here is her video.

I think, just plain awesome. I am not so sure my ex-friends that I have already challenged are as excited as I am about this. I am  planning on doing the big ice water dump tomorrow and my daughter is over the top excited about dumping icy cold water on my head.

A friend that I have challenged has not only already pledged to send $100 to my charity of choice, but will send an additional $100 if she can help with the dumping.

Bring it on lady!

To Sharalyn, who is also challenged and couldn’t open the link, I think you now have a good idea what is in store for you!

To Laurie- you know your kids will love it.

To Tricia- you know your husband will love it! And it’s like 120 degrees where you live- it will be refreshing!

To Molly P- you best check your facebook messages…..

My charity is The Pan-Mass Challenge: Team Evan’s Crew. This 163 mile 2 day bike race raises money for pediatric cancer research. 100% of Evan’s Crew proceeds goes to the Evan T. Mandeville DIPG Research Fund at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. DIPG is the cancer my nephew succumbed to after a brave 1 year battle. His family is working tirelessly to raise awareness of DIPG and help find a cure.

What I do: I get a bucket of ice water dumped on my head. I will video tape it and post it on Monday. I am challenging 5 friends to do the same for their own charity of choice, or forgo the ice water dump and donate $100 to Evan’s Crew.

After I have completed my challenge, if any of my friends challenged take me up on it, I will get video’s or pictures of THEM getting the ice water dumped on their head along with information on their charity of choice.

Hopefully this will pay forward and many charities will get donations! It’s a win-win! Except for maybe Sharalyn, who doesn’t like the cold. I feel a bit bad for her. But not really…

Have a great crazy day!

Cold Water Challenge




2 thoughts on “Cold Water Challenge Anyone?

  1. Oh, how fun!! And what a great way to make a win-win! I love it! I can’t wait to see your video, too!! –Lisa

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