Weekend in Review: We’ve Been Flocked!

It’s been a crazy busy week with closing on our house, moving, unpacking, adjusting to the new commute (gasp!) and trying to locate my dinner plates and toaster.

I had a post all planned to talk about the move- but then I got side tracked…by a flocking.

Don’t know what it means to get flocked? Here:


Getting flocked is when you move and your friends “welcome” you home by putting dozens of pink flamingo’s on your lawn in the middle of the night.

Or 10:30pm, which for me is like the middle of the night.

I was woken up by my daughter crying. Not unexpected- she is in a new place. So I go in, find her pacifier and get her back to sleep. It took a while, so now that I was wide awake, I decided to see what people were up to so late at night….

I see that I am tagged in a post by my friend. “Christie and Brian’s new place looks great!” with a grainy picture of our house.

Huh. Strange that they would be driving by, because we’re not all that close by or on anyone’s way home.

Then the first comment: “I swear we were quiet and didn’t wake that crying baby!”


I take a closer look at the pictures and go running outside. To the flocking.

I go back to bed and the next morning I told Pi, “we’ve been flocked”.

“Excuse me?”

“We’ve got a lawn full of pink flamingo’s.”

He just said one word, “MICHAEL”. Sort of like how Seinfeld would say “NEWMAN.”

The girls were thrilled with the new lawn decoration. And I have to say, it was funny. I have fun friends that celebrate in fun ways. Of course, now I have a box of pink flamingo’s in my garage…waiting for the next flocking.


Mahlie would like to keep them because it makes our yard “beautiful”. I am not sure the neighbors will agree…

flamingo dogs

Sarah was running around the yard yelling, “dog!” and petting them….

front yard flocked

Sj with flying mango

I kept them up all day and then had the girls race to see who could put the most away. Nothing better than making yard work into a game!


Have a great crazy day!


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