What Your Kids’ Forts Say About You As A Parent

When we used to spend the summer at the beach, we would make these tiny forts out of fold up lounge chairs. You literally only had room to sit. But we’d set them up in our courtyard so we thought we were being all Man v. Wild. Now that we’re moving and will have a plethora (LOVE that word!) of boxes, I’m going to get my McGyver on and get some forts going!

My Special Kind of Crazy

Remember forts? On rainy days you’d get out the sheets and string them up and play all day in your castle or tower or fairy tree or whatever your imagination told you your leftover blanket sheet combo construction was.

It was awesome. No matter what you were doing, if it was in a fort, it was more fun.

Coloring? More fun in a fort.

Playing with lego’s? More fun in a fort.

Poking each other’s eyes out? More fun in a fort and no one can see you and know who is to blame. You could beat the crap out of each other in there.

Lately Sweets has been all about building a fort in the living room on the couch. But I am not sure “fort” is even what it can be called. What do you think?

Blanket over couch = fort Blanket over couch = fort

in fort Curling up underneath the “roof” is about…

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