Weekend In Review: Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend has always signaled the beginning of summer for me, and last week I posted about the top 50 Experiences I wanted to give my kids that I remember doing when I was younger.

I do want them to also understand that this weekend is about more than just BBQ’s and beach trips. So I set about to explaining- in a way a 4 year old would perhaps understand. I could see the glazed over eyes…and then, “mommy, could you please stop talking?”

Okay then. Mission failed. Or so I thought. The next day in the car Sweets says to me, “Mommy, I really wish there were no bad guys so that all those women and men didn’t have to fight to keep us safe and they wouldn’t get hurt.”

Wow. Mission accomplished! I suppose her little brain, which is actually a HUGE SPONGE of a brain, just needed a bit of time to process the pretty hefty information I had given her. Then we went home and I showed her different pictures of the memorials we have here in DC to honor our veteran’s and her attention to that lasted around 2 minutes before she asked to see a video of Frozen. Okay, but a step in the right direction!

The rest of our weekend we spent relaxing and pretty much doing nothing. The past 2 months have been all about preparing to move and starting this week it’s going to be all about the actual move. So we enjoyed our lazy, relaxing weekend together.  I’m just going to tell my weekend in pictures.


Started with a dinner out to Capitol Hill hot spot Rose’s Luxury. They did not disappoint.



butt magnets

While we waited in line, I stopped next door to browse and found these awesome must-have magnets.


hot lava bubbles

The butt magnets were a huge hit at home and are currently displaying Mahlie’s art of volcanoes spewing red hot lava bubbles.


tasty drink

I took up my friend Desire’s recommendation of this tasty Tequilla drink. Just needed one….


jungle animals

Sarah was kept busy with her animals out on the patio.



She insists that a zebra says “moo”. Honest mistake. And how can you correct her because really, what the hell does a zebra say???


full lap

Best seat in the house, Daddy’s lap.


plotting something

No idea what they are doing, though my friend suggested perhaps they are plotting something…and now I am scared of them.


wine slushie

I have a new wine slushie habit that I am planning on continuing through the summer.



Sarah is joining in happy hour…eating the ICE people, eating the ice.


coffee drinker

My plan to give her a taste of my coffee to show her how yucky it is after her continuous cries for me to share my deliciousness in a cup….completely backfired.


beautiful flowers

Mahlie spreading the “beautiful flower” seeds all over the neighborhood. “Mommy, I know you say they are a weed, but they start yellow so they must be a beautiful flower”



Having fun and making friends at Yards Park.


tuckered out

Memorial Day officially came to an end for someone that was “NOT tired!”

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I am going to be quite busy for the next week moving to our new house, so I will be reposting some older blogs, now that I’ve been writing long enough to actually have older blogs!

Have a great crazy day!


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