It’s A Good Thing She’s Cute….

Last night was one of THOSE nights. It was my fault really, because I had just commented that Sarah was sleeping really well at night lately.


Payback bar lowered!

Last night was one of THOSE nights. The kind of night where the baby wakes up SCREAMING. She’s not sick. No poopy butt. Not hungry. Just. Screaming.

First time, you run in to see what’s wrong. Poor thing is standing there, inconsolable. Paci won’t work, rocking won’t work, rubbing back won’t work. You sing. You walk. You sing some more. You switch her to the other side because your arm has fallen asleep (well, at least something is sleeping!). Screaming continues. With her paci in her mouth.

Finally, after taking her downstairs because her wails woke her sister, who is now also crying and saying she wants to go home and no amount of telling her she IS home can console her, she settles down and we put her back in her crib. You stay awhile…tip toe slowly out, stepping over that spot on the floor that makes the loud creak…quietly close the door…silence…go back to bed…lay down….big sigh of relief….close eyes…


How do they time it so perfectly…the MINUTE you have decided all is well and you can relax they start wailing again.

Second round, wait a bit longer, go in….all 4 paci’s are on the floor. Give them back to her…she puts one in her mouth, one in each hand, and the other she puts under her back. No, I do not know why…Rub her back…now just gently lay hand on back…lighter…lighter…step back slowly…

She’s silent.

Tip toe out…step over the creak spot…back to bed…just sit on edge of bed now, ready to go back if she starts up….silence still….lay down…pull covers up…silence….


Go back in…all paci’s on the floor again…curse under your breath…throw paci’s into crib…she grabs one and rolls over…tip toe…don’t step on the creak spot…wait a few minutes outside the door…back to bed…sit on edge…stay on edge…slowly lower self down…head hits pillow…


This time, you wait. The 30 seconds she is wailing loud enough that you are certain neighbors on both sides have probably woken up seems like an hour. You power through…the wails seem to be trailing off….now it’s just an intermittent cry…silence…5 minutes…10 minutes…she’s down. Phew.


This time she screams bloody murder for approximately 10 seconds and then abruptly stops. So abruptly that instead of being relieved, you are now concerned that perhaps she’s somehow gone unconscious…so you go in to check on her…phew, she’s fine..she’s silent…until you step out and forget about that damn creak spot…


A quick “shhh” and a rub to the back, make sure all paci’s are in place…step out OVER the creak spot…safe in bed…drift off to sleep…dreaming of wailing firetrucks…


Now, repeat this cycle approximately every 30 minutes to 1 hour last night.

I woke bleary eyed this morning, go in to get my Rosemary’s Baby up, and this is what I am met with:


It’s a good thing she is so cute….

Have any late night wake up stories? Leave it in the comments!



2 thoughts on “It’s A Good Thing She’s Cute….

  1. My 4 year old still wakes me up several times a night. She goes back to sleep instantly and I think of all the things I forgot to do the day before, or start thinking about whether or not I should turn the a/c up because I’m not going to be able to afford the bill, and then start calculating how many hours sleep I will have had if I go back to sleep right now.

    • I lay there staring at the clock, “if I fall asleep NOW I can still sleep another 4 hours”. Invariable I fall asleep 30 minutes before I need to get up, oversleep by 30 minutes and then need to guzzle a pot of coffee just to function! Thanks for stopping by!

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